Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast!

Need a quick Unschooling Pep Talk?

That's what Sue has created!

I know you're busy! And there are plenty of EXCELLENT Unschooling Podcasts that dive really deeply into topics or interviews - this is not that.

I've created quick podcasts (only only 5-10 minutes long) to encourage you for the week ahead. Little reminders that it really IS going to all work out! And maybe some thoughts to help you understand unschooling priniciples - or just bring them back up to the front of your mind!

You can do this - and I can walk along side with you while you do!

See? You really DON'T have to do this all alone!

From a Listener:

"I just want to thank you!!! We’ve been on our homeschooling journey for about three years. We’ve tried different curriculums and spent SO much money unnecessarily. The kids resisted so much and we didn’t have the peace that I was hoping. I discovered your podcast and you’ve encouraged me to explore unschooling. I’m realizing that unschooling lines up with my natural parenting style. The kids love unschooling and there is no more resistance when it comes to school. Our weekends and evenings are happy and peaceful. ❤️ I love your website and the podcast. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your struggles and everything in between.  ~Andrea, Illinois

Does the Podcast Keep You Motivated?

Offer a Little Reassurance?

A few generous listeners have offered to make occasional donations to the Unschooling Mom2Mom podcast.
If you're enjoying it, I'm always grateful for any amount you'd like to toss my way!

Past Podcast Episodes/Transcripts:

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