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What IS Unschooling?

Unschooling is simply living a full rich life, offering opportunities to your child to learn and grow. For unschooling to work at its optimal level, the parent must be engaged with the child, probably more than if they chose another learning modality. Children are natural learners. They want information. But they do not necessarily know what’s out there in the world.

That’s the parent’s role in unschooling. The unschooling parent keeps one ear to the child listening for their interests and questions, and the other to the community, and now with the internet, the world, searching for creative opportunities that feed that desire to learn more about a topic.

Before you say, “Hey, that’s just good parenting!” I would agree that many good parents do this… on Saturdays, or in the summer, or during the school breaks...


Are You Worried About Something Specific?

When people are new to unschooling, lots of concerns pop up. Maybe you're wondering how kids will learn to read, or get into college, or if this is even legal??  Come read what the most common worries people have - but more importantly, let's talk about how to overcome these obstacles!

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Maybe you have just a couple of questions - or maybe you'd like to have an "Unschooling Personal Trainer" on standby! Experienced unschooler, Sue Patterson can walk you through your particular issues, giving you the support and information you need. Lots of different ways to work with her!

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