Say Goodbye to 2021 through an unschooling lens

Say goodbye to 2021 through an unschooling lens
Say Goodbye to 2021 through an Unschooling Lens
Podcast Transcript...

Here we are - the last week of December!

How should we wrap up the year?
What about the new year?
Do you make resolutions? Do you find “Your Word” - inquiring minds want to know!
Because I’ve never been good at following through with those big plans. I even have a hard time deciding what my one word would be - ONE word?? Really? Maybe because I love words. Or maybe I’m just indecisive! Lol

So let’s do THIS together:

Let’s see what YOU need to be more confident about unschooling.

That’s something I know I can help you with!

I’m Sue Patterson your host here at the Unschooling Mom2Mom podcast.
This past year, I’ve been on a mission to help families see that unschooling really does work. After 25 years in the community and 3 grown unschooled kids of my own - I can say that with confidence. And I’ve created all kinds of resources to help you see how unschooling can work for your family too.

This week is the last week of 2021.  So I want to take a minute and look back with you.

Looking Back

One of the ways that is really helpful for unschoolers is to take the time to look back and see the progress that’s been happening. How have you and the kids grown? What have you all learned? It may have very little to do with the typical academics. But it’s all really relevant in your lives! And that’s where the magic is.
Moving through the months of 2021 blows the dust off of these memories.

  • Did the kids discover a hobby or explore somewhere interesting?
  • Did your family find a new game or enjoy a movie together?
  • Did you overcome any obstacles?
  • Did you go somewhere in the community or even beyond?

We learn all the time - don’t overlook what’s been happening all year.

Have you noticed that when we focus on the future, Fear jumps in and tries to steer the thoughts? When we look back though, there’s no arguing with reality.

Life happened.   Kids learned.

So even if you simply take out a notebook and write down different memories from all the months of 2021, that will be so good for you to do! Do some of it on your own, and some of it with the kids.

You can always grab my New Year’s Workbook for a little guidance on the more unschooly ways to focus on how the year went.

A New Year's Workbook... for unschoolers

  • See the growth that occurred in 2021
  • Prompts for each month
  • Identifying favorites
  • Journaling pages for kids
  • Journaling pages for parents
  • Links to more free and low-cost resources

Happy New Year!

A New Year's Workbook for Unschoolers

What about 2022?

In my coaching group, the question often arises

“How do I know how much to push versus how much to allow to unfold organically?”

Lots of parents new to unschooling have this misimpression that unschooling is a “hands-off” approach to parenting. While it’s not about CONTROLLING or MANIPULATING your child, it is about connecting with them and exposing them to the world. You, as parents, have more life experience. So it would be a bad idea to withhold that from them. The key is in how we do this, how we share information with them.

That can start by asking yourself some questions. And I have a couple of resources that might help you dive a little deeper.

  1. Why do I think I need them to know about xyz? Is it an academic or deschooling thing that you are still holding onto? Maybe check out the Deschooling Guide, if it is.
  2. Is some activity or experience happening in the community that only rolls around once a year? It might be worth exploring. Do you need to pack snacks and think of an exit strategy if it doesn’t work out as planned? This will ensure that future suggestions will be better received.
  3. Have you looked at their interests and found something kind of close to that? You’ll have a higher chance of them enjoying it, because they like these kinds of things?
  4. Is it a Family Thing, you’d like to do - you ARE allowed to have wishes too! Think about how to set the stage so that can go well!
  5. Not sure what to do for next steps? I have a Brainstorming Guide! That can help you no matter where you are on your unschooling journey. And even if you’re NOT unschooling, these ideas are great ways to connect with the kids and see what opportunities everyone wants to pursue.

Getting the Support YOU Need

You may be doing fine, connecting within your community.
But maybe your community is more “homeschool-y” and it makes you feel like you’re not doing enough.
Or maybe you learn best with other people, knowing you’re not alone.
The free Unschooling Mom2Mom facebook group is a place to bring an occasional question, but with 37K group members internationally, it’s not the cozy community feel that I want to create.

That’s why my Creating Confidence Membership group was created in 2016 and continues to this day!

You’re always welcome to join us, without any longtime commitment.
I am adding in a 1-Time Set-Up fee, since I’ve grown an enormous library of unschooling resources only available to members. And, I’m doing a little more hand-holding to help those new to unschooling get their feet on steadier ground. So I’m adding a 1 time set up fee starting January 1st.
So if you’ve been thinking you could use more support, now’s the time to hop in there! And save some money!

Maybe you’re ready to Jump into Unschooling! I have a course that’s on sale through the end of the month. Videos, resources, inspiration to help you create the unschooling foundation you need! Just remember, Knowledge + Support = Unschooling Success.

Creating Confidence Membership

  • Coaching from Sue Patterson
  • Private supportive community of parents
  • Multiple group coaching calls each week
  • Members-only Unschooling Resource Library
  • No Sign-Up fee through December 31st!

Jumping Into Unschooling Course

Time to figure out how to actually unschool?

This 4 Module course will get you what you need to be confident as you move forward with the kids!

Use the Discount Code: UM2M50 and save $50!

I want you to be successful.

Just as you identify how your kids learn best, I want you to think about how you learn best too! Successful unschooling parents are always learning, always peeling back those ideas we may be hanging onto, asking ourselves,

“Why DO we have to do that?”


"Why IS that bugging me?”

So I have lots of resources to help you figure out how to really embrace this unschooling life where the kids can learn and grown and you can connect with them along the way..

Take a little time to look back on this past year. Having this broader view of it may help us see with clarity.
We did make progress.
And if there are changes you want to make - or things we want to be sure to continue - this data will be really helpful.

Reach out if you need unschooling help.

Happy New Year!

And I’ll talk with you again next week.

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