How to Unschool – Sue’s 3 Step Formula for Unschooling Success!

how to unschool - Formula for Unschooling Success

Are you wishing someone would show you

How to Unschool ??

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Podcast Transcript

I started this as a podcast about  My Why.
Why am I doing all of this? - coaching parents, creating resources, building ways to help people understand unschooling better.

But it turned into something else!

I have a FORMULA for unschooling!

I know! Crazy right?

I can hear people gasping in horror at the audacity of it all.

But we don’t have to steer clear of “formulas” - they help things make sense.
We’ve always been keenly aware that...
🌻 Every family IS different.
🌻 Every situation IS different.
🌻 Everyone’s baggage that they bring to the table, so to speak, is different.

And for those of you who wonder what the heck THAT means…

  • Some people have to overcome a lot of People Pleasing habits. Maybe they learned how to do well in school but… either their kids haven’t hacked the code or now that they’re out of school, they can see the problems more clearly. Still, there’s a lot of misconceptions to undo, lurking in these people’s heads about what "good" means - "good" students, "good" kids, "good" moms… all of that.
  • Some people are more anti-authority (or at least more prone to questioning authority) than others are. These people will have a different path to successful unschooling. They’ll have different things to unpack.
  • Some people have a lot of outside resistance from friends and family or even spouses. As soon as they start to get comfortable, someone pops their bubble and they feel like they’re back to square one.
  • And then people learn differently - some like to read, some like to watch videos or listen to podcasts. And some have a habit of simply collecting all the things but not getting back to it. I used to do that too. Interesting though… collecting is not the same as learning it! Lol I think that’s a school habit too. And, a way to procrastinate when you’re nervous and not sure what you’re supposed to be doing!

Even with all those differences - all those different bags for people to unpack, there are still unschooling principles that permeate all of it.

💛 About trusting that kids are hard wired to learn - that we all are.

💛 About seeing the opportunities that are all around us.

💛 About figuring how to parent in way that is focused on partnering and listening, instead of the familiar top-down my-way-or-the-highway approach.

These ideas weave through all of this.

So, let’s back up a little and then I’ll give you my FORMULA!

As the school year wraps up, I’m doing more podcast interviews. And one of the questions that always pops up is

“Why are you doing this?”

I understand the question.
My 3 kids are grown.
I’ve already written a book.
Other long time unschoolers have faded out - or gone on to pursue other things.

But after years (decades really) of answering questions on email lists, social media, phone calls and park days - I just couldn’t walk away from all that information I knew people needed.

While everyone’s family situation is unique, many similar questions circle back around. And over the years, I’ve gathered and created blogposts and videos to help people see that unschooling really DOES work!

I love being able to tell you with 100% confidence that unschooling is the best approach!

I’m not sharing from a position of “It’s supposed to work,” or “I hope this works!”

It DID work.

Sitting here on the other side, because my kids are 33, 31, and 28, it’s crystal clear to me - and why I want to share it all with you!!

Every time I caved into fear (because I did that too!), those worst case scenarios I worried about never happened. And if I had spent more time tackling my fears, learning about how unschooling and deschooling really works - we could have had a bit smoother sailing.

And that’s really My Why.
→ I want to show you where the potholes in the road are.
→ I want to get you the reassurance you need to push past your fears - see what’s rational and what’s not.
→ I want to share example after example of how unschooling works - and could work for your family too!

I always tell people that it takes Knowledge and Support to be successful at Unschooling. But it takes Action on your part too. I spent way too many hours reading one more article or listening to one more person’s description of how unschooling worked at their house. It was a way to procrastinate - to keep me from diving in, engaging with the kids, or uncovering my own fears that were affecting me in ways I didn’t even realize!

So that’s the Action part of that equation.

All these years I’ve said there’s no formula for unschooling - but maybe there actually is!

Here’s what I want to share with you today:

Sue’s 3 Step Formula for Unschooling

  1. Get good information about how unschooling works.
  2. Surround yourself with people who are also on this unschooling journey.
  3. Do the internal work to help you become the best parent you can be. Unpack what’s holding you back.

And that’s why I created - and you should join - my membership!
I can help you tackle each of these. It's all about Creating the Confidence you need to be successful at unschooling. We have:

  • Multiple coaching calls each week
  • A members-only library of resources
  • A private community of parents on this unschooling path, asking questions and sharing solutions they’ve discovered!

I’m here to help you figure out which fears are rational and which are just remnants of your own school conditioning!

You don’t have to do this alone.

And it would be better if you didn’t - think of the time you’ll save and the mistakes you’ll avoid!
You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I want to make this as easy as possible for you to get the help you need.
There’s no long time commitment. You can come for a month, get some info and a boost of confidence!
Or stay and feel supported in this fabulous community as long as you’d like!

Tap into this membership. A year from now, you’ll be glad you did.
Think of all the curriculum money you’ll save - and you can use it for other fun family things to do!

Unschooling really does work - I’d love to help you see that!

So let’s be friends!!

I’ll put the link in the show notes - we have coaching calls today (Mondays, Wednesdays and (starting in May) Fridays too), maybe you’ll hear this and jump in! I hope so.

I’ll be back again to talk with you next week.

Take care - happy unschooling!

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