Let’s look at all the options!
When we’ve let the curriculum fall to the wayside, some of us are left wondering, “Ok, now what?”

Online, you’ll hear
“Everyone is different.”
“Dive into their interests”
“Listen and observe your children.”

All of those are true! But when you’re new to unschooling, your brain really wants a path to follow. Something to help guide you along the way.

That’s what this Brainstorming Guide is all about!
This fabulous Unschooling Guide offers 45 pages of ideas and topics that might interest you and the kids any time of year. Whenever you feel like you need a little help on what your next few steps could be, this Guide is the tool you need. Involving the kids in the brainstorming will be empowering – and fun!

With 20 different areas to focus on, you’ll certainly find something your family is ready to explore next!

20 topics to explore or activities to add to the calendar
20 mini-essays from Sue Patterson on each of the topics
20 pages of a Guided Workbook
Thought-provoking articles and videos for each topic – selected specifically with unschooling in mind
Pinterest links with even more to explore on every topic!
Inspiring quotes for each topic
You’re going to love it – and return to it often throughout the year!


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