Deschooling Guide


Unschooling Guide: DESCHOOLING

Deschooling is the word used in homeschooling/unschooling communities for the time it takes to undo some of the misconceptions we have about learning.
It’s not uncommon for families to focus on deschooling during the interim time between leaving school (or a schoolish approach to homeschooling) and beginning to unschool.

Schools focus a lot on the “teaching” aspects, while we’re looking at education from the Learner’s perspective.
This Unschooling Guide about Deschooling will help you do this.

In The Unschooling Guide:  Deschooling, you’ll find a beautiful 20-page mini-magazine with all sorts of ways to help you embrace deschooling:

  • Practical solutions for issues that arise in your home during this phase
  • How to cope with community criticism
  • Looking back on your own school experiences and how they affect you today
  • Deschooling tips about learning, parenting, and the kids
  • Strategies for connecting more with the children as they deschool
  • Journaling prompts to dive deeper
  • Even an “Unschooling Curriculum!” 😁

Don’t skip past the Deschooling phase – regardless of your homeschooling method!
Let me share years of experience so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!


Unschooling Guide: DESCHOOLING

Do you like the idea of unschooling, but fall back on familiar school ways?
Or maybe you second-guess yourself and start combing the internet looking for curriculum?
This Unschooling Guide will help you through the process!

We have quite a bit of unlearning to do, right?
Parents will probably have a harder time with deschooling than the kids. We’ve had a lot of years of conditioning that the School Way is the One Right Way. And it isn’t. It’s ONE way – and not even the best way.

The internet is full of a lot of misleading information about deschooling.  And the truth is, you may get a handle on it for a little bit, and then the kids get a little older or someone/something triggers you and WHAM! You need to deschool some more. That’s ok – it happens to all of us.

But having this Unschooling Guide may help prepare for what’s ahead.


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