Creating Confidence Membership

Creating Confidence Membership


Group Coaching with Sue Patterson

You don't have to do this alone!

Coaching • Community • Confidence

So many reasons exist for you to join us!

  • Multiple Group Coaching Calls weekly
  • A supportive community of parents on this unschooling journey too!
  • Private Membership webpages with Unschooling Resources
    (Unschooling Guides, extra PDFs, past workshops, recordings from guest speakers - so much!)
  • A private Facebook group for questions and support between coaching calls
  • A private WhatsApp chat for those who prefer a more text-based connection
  • No long-time commitment - stay for a month or for as long as it's working for you!
  • For Parents of Teens - or parents worried about the teen years:
    • A Collection of articles, blogposts, videos on parenting teen topics
    • Recording of Transcript Workshop (and the accompanying workbook)
    • Recording of Book Club discussions about unschooling and parenting teens


You don't have to do this alone!

The Creating Confidence Membership group was created to help parents do 3 things:

  • Get Coaching every week from Sue Patterson

  • Get good solid unschooling information (after 25 years, Sue has a lot to share!)

  • Get connected with other unschooling families on this unconventional path.

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Creating Confidence Membership Options


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Creating Confidence Membership Benefits

"Sue attracts the BEST people to her group! It's awesome!
She's right when she says 'You don't have to do this alone!'" ~ Becky, Oregon

Why Parents Join the Group

1.) They like the idea of unschooling, but fears keep creeping back in.
2.) They've spent way too much time on various rabbit holes on the internet - and it just didn'treally help that much.
3.) Time kept getting away from them and they weren't putting time into learning more about unschooling like they thought they would.
4) They need some help overcoming obstacles that keep coming up in their family.
4) The kids started wondering if their parents knew what was going on!
5.) The pandemic is taking its toll on them and they needed some other unschooling parents in their life!
6.) Qs and As on social media aren't providing the connection you need.
7.) Getting access to Sue and all the information she has - this is such an affordable way.
8.) You really need more confidence - and this will get you there!


Knowledge + Support = Unschooling Success

Getting Good Coaching!

Whether you choose the private Facebook group or our own WhatsApp channel, Sue is answering questions and following the disucssions.

And for those moving away from social media altogether, Sue sends out weekly emails and holds the coaching calls on Zoom.

Sue offers group coaching calls two times on Wednesdays to accommodate a variety of time zones, and Thursdays specifically for parents of unschooling teens. You'll have plenty of access to work through what's holding you back and explore some other suggestions that could help.

Getting Good Support  - Connecting in a Community

Between the coaching calls, the Facebook group and the WhatsApp channel, you'll have easy access to other parents sharing what's happening in day to day life on this unschooling path.

This community was created five years ago when we finished a coaching course, and no one wanted to separate! We had all gotten to know each other, shared the highs and the lows, and we had truly become a tight-knit community.


The best thing about this coaching experience is Sue! She is caring, down-to-earth, thoughtful, kind, and insightful! Talking through my own concerns and listening to others do the same, Sue gently invited us to frame those situations differently, from an unschooling perspective, and question our assumptions coming from our traditional or mainstream parenting and schooling backgrounds. My experience with the group really lived up to the name, Creating Confidence! Slowly, after week after week of participating and listening to these conversations in the weekly calls and on the FB page, and with the wonderful support materials that Sue wrote and provided for us, the unschooling perspective began to be second nature to me and my family is loving our unschooling life. ~Susan, Argentina

I'm Ready! EXACTLY What I Need!



You may wonder what this Unschooling Success Path is all about.

My now-grown unschoolers are 32, 30, and 27.  After 25 years in the community, I've seen what works and what doesn't. 

I've been creating PDFs and tools, first to help myself and later to help other parents coming to unschooling after me.
So I have decades (yikes!) of resources to share with you.

And now I have an organized strategic approach to move you from your worried unsure ideas to become a strong confident unschooling parent.

Yes - YOU! If I can do this, so can you!

Here's how the Unschooling Success Path works:

You will have access all the unschooling information right away - and you'll be able to move through it at whatever pace suits you.
(Is that a sigh of relief I'm hearing??)

Once you join the Membership, you'll find a variety of resources and information to help you on your unschooling path. Everyone learns differently, so you'll have access to:

  • PDFs & Workbooks
  • Past Unschooling Guides and Additional PDFs
  • Videos & Podcasts
  • Recorded Workshops and Guest Speakers

And since everyone is unique, the resource vault is divided and organized into 5 different steps.

STEP 1 - New Unschoolers

If you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, the information collected for you here is perfect!

I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to let you know that I’m glad I found Sue! She does a magnificent job helping families around the world and in the sweetest and educational way possible! ~Vane, Venezuala


"Sue's calming presence and intuitive questioning helped me develop the confidence I was looking for" 

"This coaching group has been a big relief - just feeling that I have a life-line that I can use when times are difficult or doubts arise!"
-Susan, North Carolina


STEP 2: Unschoolers Worried about Learning/Gaps

If you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, the information collected for you here is perfect!

Sue is professional but personable and patient. She has a sense of humor that keeps heavy things lighter and more manageable to talk about. She’s insightful from so much experience having unschooled/partnership parented her own kids all the way to adulthood. 
I love the group coaching, because of its affordability but maybe more specific to the make up of the parents in the group - a group of people who aren't worried about academics at all. 

Sue’s coaching gave me an example of how to think through problems with children and spouses in resourceful, creative, respectful, practical ways. ~Rachel, Arizona


I chose to work with Sue because I was feeling a little lost and unsure of my decision to return to unschooling. Her coaching gave me encouragement to research and define for myself what learning and education is and to have the confidence to carry it out in my family, regardless of what other people (the experts, the education industry, other Homeschoolers) thought about it.  I gained a greater peace in my family, a focus on family relationships and being available and approachable for my teens, and not constantly trying to hold them accountable for doing arbitrarily defined educational things.  ~Kimm, Georgia

STEP 3 - Unschoolers with Too Many Critics!

When we're surrounded by critical friends and relatives - or if we're our own harshest critic - it's hard to focus on learning more about unschooling. So we've gathered information for those with a lot of naysayers in their lives - we can help you overcome that too!


I wanted to work with someone more experienced to support my decision and reassure me during our transition to unschooling. I needed help staying in compliance in my school district. I needed more confidence in my decision too.

Coaching with Sue is a worthwhile investment because she's done it herself. She is an excellent encourager and was a tremendous help in reminding me of the bigger picture. She’s cheerful and understanding and wise. She has a very good grasp of the unschooling landscape. I'm so pleased to have worked with her through my beginner jitters. She is the voice of experience who helped us get of to a good feeling and stable start.

If you’re not sure about coaching, consider the value of having someone on your team. Sue can help you get to a place where you can truly experience all the benefits of the unschooling lifestyle. Most importantly, she can help you through the transition to living more authentically with your family.
~Stevie, VA

STEP 4 - Unschoolers Worried about Parenting Issues

Sometimes our big hesitations aren't really about the learning aspects at all. We see the benefits of unschooling and struggle with how to apply the principles to our parenting options. From technology use to cooperation in the home - we dive in and figure out how to partner better with our children.

I needed help from someone with grown unschoolers who could guide me through this particular age and issues.  I was familiar with her previous advice to other parents via Facebook and also, knowing she had three grown unschoolers allowing for three different personalities/paths. Sue listens!  She roots out the triggers, provides objective views and offers solutions that you wouldn't see because you aren't "there" yet or you're mired in emotion. She gave me a new perspective and renewed confidence in my role -  plus understanding this age (18) and her need for attachment but also independence is normal but can be hard for both parent and child, even with unschooling.
Don’t hesitate to get Sue’s help!
~Melissa, Maryland

STEP 5 - Not New-to-Unschooling, but needing more community

If you're feeling isolated, this private unschooling community can help so muchEven experienced unschoolers can sometimes need to revisit some of the other stumbling blocks as their kids get older. Things change. Kids change. Our parenting changes too. It's great to be in a place that has handy access to materials based on the problem that has emerged - but more importantly has an unschooling community that you know and can talk with you about the options.


Sue is absolutely fabulous and her group (and her management of it) is beyond extraordinary! ~Kat


You'll love the people!
The people are my favorite part of being in the membership group. I know there are always others who have gone through my issues, they're always supportive, and Sue always has great advice. You come away feeling so much better and confident after the coaching calls. I know that the ultimate goal is to be at the point where we are confident and possess the knowledge and tools to do this well. Sue and the group have ABSOLUTELY gotten us down that path! ~Kelli, Canada
Creating Confidence Membership 2-2021

Creating Confidence Membership

What a great option for coaching and community!

Only $49/month

No long term commitment, quit whenever it stops working for you!


"Her groups are a safe place to find real-world unschooling answers to what life has to bring where conventional parenting groups could not help. The FB groups highlighted that my gut instinct to treat my children as whole human beings weren't such a crazy idea, and generations of families have embraced this way of life, including thousands of modern families worldwide." -Anonymous

I found Sue through her Unschooling Mom2Mom group. She has experience, exudes joy and is willing and eager to truly support people new to this lifestyle. I had a lot of fear surrounding how we can make this work for our family. But Sue was loving, joyful and non-judgmental. I felt unconditionally accepted and heard.
Sometimes I can't see the 'forest for the trees' as i am just starting out. I think 'if it's happening now it will be happening forever!' Due to Sue's children being grown, she can look back and share how things turned out, and how the experience of unschooling is a wide arc with lots of time and possibilities. She helped me form connections that would have taken me longer on my own, especially as a single parent with a very limited face to face support circle.

I could have gone through a similar process on my own just by reading and researching within the Facebook groups, however, it would have taken a lot longer. Her resources helped me put it all together in a coherent fashion instead of having many aspects of deschooling swirling around in my head and popping up in our circumstances. She offers ways to connect locally, which is harder for me than I thought it would be, and added me to a group that has others in it of a similar situation to mine. Most dear to me was her sharing personal stories of her children, several experiences very similar to my son’s.

Sue treated me the way I want to treat my son. I felt loved and accepted by her and for me that is just perfect, even though none of us are really perfect, we are perfected in acceptance.

I’d recommend Sue as a coach/mentor because she really cares, carries the joyful spirit of unschooling/peaceful parenting and her devotion to her coaching groups as well as private sessions. ~Tamara, Ontario

These are normal people who have found success in my methods, frankly, because I have dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's before you. I've taken my experience and used it to guide others, and I would love the opportunity to guide you on this journey as well! I give you all of the resources that you need to not only understand the ideas behind unschooling but most importantly, I teach you how to implement them. Theory is great but getting into action is where unschooling really takes off and your confidence expands.

I’ve been where you are now.

I’m taking my 25 years of experience – and the years of seeing other people’s experiences – to guide you to success.

If you are in the beginning stages, I want to help you get started on the right path!

If you’ve been homeschooling and something is not working,
I want to help you iron out the wrinkles and get to the core of the problem!


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