Getting Started Unschooling

You're ready to dive in and I'm so excited for you!

This Unschooling Mom2Mom website will really help you grown your knowledge about how unschooling works. I've curated this site to offer you resources from unschoolers around the world. You don't have to go looking around - I've found the good ones for you!

Your first few steps toward becoming successful at unschooling...

1. Your Learning.

Set aside a little time every day to learn more about unschooling and deschooling.
The links below can help you walk through in an organized way - or you can work through the blogposts or podcasts.

2. Your Kids' Learning.

Don't dismiss your child's interests and curiosities. They may not LOOK like learning, but their brain is working on something.  Embrace it, knowing that Learning is hard-wired into our nature. It's up to us, as parents, to notice it and not always try to control it.

3. Support for this adventure.

Gather your people. They may be in person through local groups or conferences, or they may be online. Having other unschoolers to talk with will help you through tough times as well as provide the reassurance you need throughout the journey.


Knowledge + Support = Unschooling Success

So that's why we have so many ways to bring you both! 

A lot of people ask about how to get started on this fabulous unschooling adventure!

I have all kinds of options for you.

Just as we pay attention to how our kids learn best, I know that we parents learn best in a variety of ways.

🌻 You may like an organized breakdown of a lot of material. A course would be the right fit for you.
The Jumping Into Unschooling Course is excellent, offering Modules full of videos and PDFs.

🌻 You may like to learn with other people, in more of a community setting, sharing and supporting each other. This is what happens in the Creating Confidence membership. Plus, this is the most economic way to get coaching from Sue Patterson (and her 25 years of experience!)

🌻 Unschooling Guides are available for those who'd like a deeper dive into the issues and concerns that are distracting you from enjoying this unschooling journey. Currently, we have 17 different topics!

🌻 Others have more time - or maybe feel less pressure to learn everything quickly. The Unschooling Mom2Mom website is full of resources - use the navigation bar at the top to help you. Unschooling Mom2Mom is on all the social media platforms - FB group, Instagram, Pinterest, the Podcast

🌻  Get on the Free Email List - Unschooling Updates! This way we'll stay connected and I'll send you resource links and inspiration each week!.

It really boils down to what you like the best, how you like to learn, and which resources give you the information and support you need to be successful!

Here's a little more about some of these options:

Are You a "Get Me All the Info!" Person?

The Jumping Into Unschooling Course may be just what you're looking for. This self-paced course has four modules with videos, handouts, links and resources - everything you need! You'll emerge from this course ready to begin your unschooling journey!

Perfect Course for New Unschoolers

Maybe you learn best by talking with someone who has been there!
Here's a link to talk with Sue Patterson, an unschooling mom with over 25 years of experience! Combine that with becoming part of the most supportive unschooling community, and you'll find your confidence growing week by week!

Sue offers her private community TEN live group coaching calls every month! You're sure to get the answers to your questions as soon as possible.
Two of these calls are specifically geared for parents of unschooling teens.

At only $49/month, and no long-time commitment, this is the most affordable way to get extra support from Sue and her community.

"I'm worried about this one thing..."

Unschooling Guides

After two decades of discussions about unschooling - what works and what doesn't - I decided to create these 15 to 30 page full color mini-magazines to help you conquer the specific fears that are holding you back.

Sometimes it's hard to focus on the bigger picture when you're distracted by a fear. Each of the Guides does a deep dive on a variety of topics that come up over and over when new people ask about unschooling. Topics like:

  • "Am I Doing Enough?"
  • A Typical Unschooling Day
  • Learning to Read
  • Learning Math
  • Learning to Write
  • Coping with Technology
  • What about Socialization?
  • Deschooling
  • Critics and Naysayers
  • Not Back to School
  • Brainstorming Ideas
Topics include Most Asked Questions from New Unschoolers

Each Guide offers coaching insights, journaling pages, resource links. It helps you figure out how to set up your home, live within your community, conquer your own inner battles, and deal with the kids.

See all the Unschooling Resources!

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So many options to gain Knowledge and Support!

I'm on a mission to help you be SUCCESSFUL at this!