When Your Teen Hates School

What do you do when your teen hates school …and anything that seems even a little bit “educational? In this episode of the Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast, Sue Patterson shares how and why the unschooling approach is perfect for this! Podcast Transcript Hi Everyone! It’s time we talk about teens again! I’ll share a message I Read More

Following Kids’ Interests

Following Kids’ Interests Podcast Transcript When you start to explore unschooling, you hear a lot about kids following interests. And initially, for a lot of people, they think of 1-2 things they’ve seen their kids interested in – Lego, playing make believe, Fortnight or Minecraft. And they can’t wrap their brain around that being “enough.” Read More

Unschooling This Summer

You’ve been curious about unschooling – so let’s dive into this together just for the summer! Podcast transcript How about  Unschooling This Summer ? It might be easier for you to look at unschooling – and look at your child – without all the pressures that come when the school season kicks off. I’m not Read More

Is Homeschooling NOT Working for You?

Is Homeschooling NOT Working for You? Did you start this home education journey with one idea in mind, but the reality hasn’t ended up looking like that at all? Many of you were thrown into homeschooling because of the pandemic and you just did what was familiar to you. Even before Covid, this is often Read More

Mother’s Day and THAT Mom!

Maybe You’re THAT Mom too? This week is Mothers’s Day.  And since the podcast is Unschooling Mom2Mom, I thought it’s important to talk about it a little. I actually have a collection of writings about Mother’s Day – so I’ll share them here: Anticipating Mother’s Day Podcast/Blogpost Mother’s Day 2020 blogpost Pinterest Board – Mother’s Read More

Stressed Out as Unschoolers

Are you Stressed Out?? Let’s do something about it! Podcast Transcript Pressure. We face it all the time – from others, from ourselves. And when we’re tired or we’re not getting our own needs met, our stress level rises and it can start to feel overwhelming. No one can really tell us EXACTLY how to Read More