Unschooling Resources

Some of us are really good at finding what we need to unschool!

Yay for the Unschooling DIY types!!

Here's a collection of so many resources that can help you navigate your way through.
You can always reach out, if you need help finding something in particular.

Be sure to look at the drop-down areas on the top navigational bar here at the website. You have even more pages to explore as you create your own unschooling adventure!


Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast 
5-10 minutes of unschooling encouragement

Exploring Unschooling
by Pam Laricchia

Fare of the Free Child
by Akilah Richards

Supporting Unschooling
by Amy Childs

Stories of An Unschooling Family
by Sue Elvis


More about Parenting:

Marji Zintz

Whatever Amen
by Amy Childs

Newsletters & Books

Unschooling Updates (free weekly newsletter)

Homeschooled Teens
by Sue Patterson

What is Unschooling
by Pam Laricchia


Unschooling Guides

Full color mini-magazines on various topics

New to Unschooling
NOT Back to School
Unschooling During a Quarantine!
Typical Unschooling Day
“Am I Doing Enough?”
Learning to Read... the unschooling way
Learning to Write... the unschooling way
Learning Math... the unschooling way
Technology & Unschoolers
Brainstorming Time
available for $15 each here


Jumping Into Unschooling 2022

Jumping Into Unschooling Course

Videos, PDFs, Ebooks, Resources - everything you need to get started unschooling!

Resources for Unschooling Teens

How Can This Work?

We have an extensive collection of resources to help you see that unschooling really DOES work for teenagers - without closing doors or ruining their futures!
(See? I know what you're worried about!)

Unschooling a Teen?
​Here's the reassurance you need!
More info at the website
or order at Amazon.
65% of the young people interviewed were unschoolers!
Read the endorsements


What About College?

3 Graduating Women - Can Unschoolers Get Into college?

The short answer is YES!!

But we have all sorts of examples and tips to help you see how college can still be an option for your teen too!

Looking for Community?

Find Your Peeps!

If you're looking for ways to meet unschoolers in real life, we have a collection of groups here.

Creating Confidence Community

Sue Patterson runs a group coaching program for parents at various places in their unschooling journey. Connect with Sue and with so many other parents who are creating a community and learning about unschooling together!
Join us today and get the confidence you're looking for!