Unschooling Mega-List of 100 Activities to Do with Your Kids!

100 Activities to do with kids

Sometimes it's hard to think of some of the easy creative ways that are available to us and to the kids!

Here are 100 Activities you may have forgotten!

It’s time to look around the house and think about what’s available!
Many of these activities just need to be dusted off and remembered.

Hope you enjoy the list - and your time together!


  1. Read a book with your child daily - their choice!
  2. Have a dance party
  3. Start a Monopoly game - you have time!
  4. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  5. Play card games - learn a new one each day 
  6. Play a different board game every day
  7. Bake cookies/brownies
  8. Learn a cake-decorating skill from Youtube
  9. Build a pillow/blanket fort
  10. Learn yoga
  11. Play “I-Spy”
  12. Learn to meditate
  13. Learn a deep-breathing technique
  14. Play with play doh - or make homemade playdoh
  15. Draw with sidewalk chalk in your driveway - send happy messages to neighbors!
  16. Sort clothes for donation - or toys or shoes
  17. Play some dice games
  18. Learn to juggle
  19. Do a crossword puzzle
  20. Learn Sudoku 
  21. Do a word search
  22. Do a MadLib
  23. Take a nap
  24. Watch virtual museum tours
  25. Watch live cams of animal habitats
  26. Listen to an audiobook together as a family
  27. Have a movie marathon
  28. Create a scavenger hunt 
  29. Cook dinner together
  30. Take a walk after dinner every night
  31. Learn some hand shadow animals
  32. Make a family bucket list for the next few months
  33. Make a family bucket list for Big Things you want to go do!
  34. Start a journal - decorate the cover
  35. Get the family to pose for selfies each day, together or solo, think of a theme
  36. Create an account to play on your kids favorite videogames with them - or ask them for an easy game to start with!
  37. Start a gratitude jar
  38. Think of 3 things you’re grateful for each day
  39. Write a haiku poem 
  40. Write a wild crazy story about your pet (or tell it)
  41. Play with Duolingo
  42. Do a kitchen science experiment
  43. Read under the covers with a flashlight
  44. Learn Multiplication Rock songs
  45. Do some birdwatching in your yard
  46. Paint rocks
  47. Make a fairy garden
  48. See how fast you can run across the yard
  49. See if you can beat your own time the next day 
  50. Practice your hopping, skipping, galloping skills
  51. Practice a standing broad jump
  52. Water the plants outside
  53. Notice new buds and growth
  54. Plant seeds
  55. Learn the names of the different cloud types 
  56. Learn some easy knots and what they’re for
  57. Play with static electricity 
  58. Share funny YouTube videos with your child
  59. Play fun music in the house 
  60. Take a long bubble bath with relaxing music
  61. Play dress up
  62. Put on a puppet show (or stuffed animal show)
  63. Have a talent show
  64. Learn a magic trick
  65. Have a fashion show
  66. Learn some improv games
  67. Sing karaoke 
  68. Make a video with your child
  69. Play with Snapchat filters
  70. Be the cameraman for your child’s LEGO story
  71. Sort/organize toys, socks, or whatever needs it
  72. Give each other a neck rub or a hand massage
  73. Learn how to take your own pulse
  74. Have a picnic (inside if necessary)
  75. Have a tea party
  76. Play hangman 
  77. Play tic-tac-toe
  78. Play Rock/Paper/Scissors
  79. Declare a Thumb War
  80. Have a spa day (masks and lotions)
  81. Do your nails day - manicure/pedicure
  82. Paint with shaving cream in tub or shower
  83. FaceTime relatives and friends
  84. Make slime
  85. Learn origami
  86. Color - hang your artwork
  87. Paint - hang your artwork
  88. Set up a marble run
  89. Set up a Hot Wheels track for little cars
  90. Play Hide and Seek
  91. Play Red Light/Green Light
  92. Play “Mother May I?”
  93. Play Simon Says
  94. Play “Warmer” “Colder”
  95. Eat by candlelight 
  96. Take lanterns or flashlights into the backyard and tell ghost stories
  97. Play flashlight tag at night 
  98. Look at the moon - learn about the phases
  99. Identify star constellation
  100. Say “I love you” multiple times each day!

Need Specific Ideas How to Do Some of These Ideas?

I have SOOO many ideas saved up for you over at Pinterest.
This link will take you to the boards.

You're gonna love it!

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