Learning Subjects through Unschooling

Could Unschooling Work for YOU?

Learning happens EVERYWHERE!

And with the internet, families have so many more options to explore an interest. Unschoolers have been collecting and sharing fun ways to learn for decades now and we can let you in on a little secret:

  • You don't need to purchase curriculum.
  • Learning doesn't have to be tedious and dry.
  • One thing connects to another and a ton of (subject) overlap exists in real life!

We want to help you break away from artificially dividing up life into subjects. Instead, when you think an activity is "Science," see what other subjects weave in and out.

Do you see more history or art too?
Maybe there's reading involved?
Or the need to research and explore more?

The Pandemic tossed everyone back into their homes - even those who typically went to school. While that won't last forever, you and your child can still access all these fun ways to explore topics, grow your own individualized pile of knowledge, dive deeper into interests and explore your curiosity!

We've included fun ways to get started below.

Inexpensive Guides to Help You with The Basics

Everything Counts! 

When we first start unschooling, it's hard to imagine life without subjects.
But instead of saying, "Hey, trust me!" I want to show you how so many subjects weave through the kids' (and your!) daily activities.

Click the link to see what I'm talking about - I'll take you subject by subject to see where all the learning is "hiding!"

Sue Patterson Coaching

Reach Out for 1:1 Coaching

Some of us need one-to-one help figuring out how to see the learning that's happening in our kids' lives.

Maybe you have a spouse who isn't onboard or an evaluator at the end of the year who needs to SEE the subjects, I can help you with this!