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Questions about unschooling

A lot of people find Unschooling Mom2Mom and the idea of unschooling itself is really new to them!

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Here are a couple of highlights about unschooling...

🔸 Unschooling is a homeschooling method that doesn't duplicate school.

🔸 Unschoolers see learning weaving in and out of every day activities, and don't see the need to separate "learning time" from any other time of day.   Read more: What IS Unschooling?

🔸 Unschoolers believe that humans are hard-wired to learn and be curious. We learned without a lesson plan when we were babies and little ones *before school, and we continue to learn as adults without curricula *after we've left the school ages.

🔸 Unschoolers don't separate Life into subjects or grade levels.

🔸 Unschoolers don't give grades and scores for the learning that they may or may not see happening.

🔸 Unschoolers believe that LEARNING belongs to the Learner and that Schooling is focused on the Teaching aspect - not on the Learner.

🔸 The hardest part of unschooling is undoing the ideas we have in our heads of what is expected - of us and of our kids. As parents, we've had a lot of conditioning. And most of that focused on the priority of keeping the system running smoothly.
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🔸 All kids are capable of unschooling.

🔸 Unschooled parents have to do some internal work to undo some of the stories we have in our heads about children, parenting, and learning. Those who are ok with moving in this direction are successful at unschooling. Those who don't want to do this, usually opt for a different homeschooling style. You don't have to do this alone though - Sue's Creating Confidence Membership group is full of coaching and support!

🔸 Unschooling is the most INDIVIDUALIZED experiential approach to learning that you'll ever see.

🔸 Unschoolers often take unschooling principles into parenting, when we see how it works. Unschooling Guides help you tackle some of these concerns from an unschooling perspective. Or you can hop over to pages that help you learn more:

🔸 Unschoolers prioritize the relationship and the connection between parents and kids over most everything else.

🔸 Unschoolers know that learning never stops - there's no finish line.

🔸 Unschooling can be a fabulous adventure you get to enjoy WITH your family!

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Just as we have to look at the various ways our children learn,
we (as parents!) need to notice how WE learn best too!

Sue Patterson offers such a variety of ways to increase your knowledge about unschooling or get you the support you need!

Whether it's to read more here at the blog, gather some Unschooling Guides to tackle your particular obstacles, take a course to be immersed in all things unschooling, or join a group where you don't have to journey alone - we have something that will help you understand unschooling better!