Typical Unschooling Day

Typical unschooling day with fun clipart ideas

Many times new unschoolers or homeschoolers who are considering unschooling want someone to describe a typical unschooling day.  We can share tons of examples, but by no means are any of them "typical."

Unschooling, by it's very nature is unique to each family and even unique to each child in the family. We have a poll in our Free FB group with examples of this!

Unschooling Mom2Mom Typical Day Poll

Sometimes people suggest that an unschooling day is like a day in the summer - filled with potential for daydreams, explorations, and discovery. Or a Saturday morning filled with the hustle and bustle of everyone being together. Unschooling parents are tuned into their kids so they're aware of what kinds of opportunities might be of interest. They enjoy the role of tour guide, resource finder, and companions to their children.​ The options are endless.

A joyful quality seems to exist for families who are successful with unschooling. When they've chosen to unschool, so many pressures can fall away. Parents and children are free to be curious about all kinds of things that cross their paths on a daily basis. This might be one of the biggest reasons that it's hard to produce a "typical day" on demand.

Life is full of exciting adventures - some large and some small.

​Learning can't be avoided!


When You Ask About A Typical Unschooling Day 

Remember these things...

“Individualizing” means that your home/life won’t look like anyone else’s. This is foreign to us after years of school where we were conditioned to know our “worth” based upon comparison and competition. It’s unfamiliar, but it will get easier as you begin to focus on the INDIVIDUALIZED needs in your family.


Perhaps what's "typical" about unschoolers and their days is the parents' attitude about life and learning, prioritizing connection with their kids over academics or "supposed to's," and the desire to add something to their child's day that might make their eyes sparkle.


Your day can be busy or relaxed - whatever the family members need. Even if something was “on the calendar”... does it HAVE to happen? If it does, maybe it can be paired with something fun. If it doesn’t, maybe it can move to another day when more people are in the mood!


Keep an eye out on what’s happening in your community. Sometimes this changes seasonally. Maybe you need to hit all the Tourist-y things to see what’s out there!


Asking about typical days may mean we need to dive a little deeper into deschooling. Are you still thinking in school terms/subjects? Or maybe you’re not trusting that all humans are hard-wired to learn? We probably weren’t raised to think like that - but it’s true! And we may need a little help to dismantle some of those preconceived ideas about learning, children, and even parenting!


Since you're not nagging the kids about completing lesson plans, unschooling parents have more time to connect with each of their children. This is where the magic happens! When kids feel heard, they connect more with parents. That's how you'll know what your next steps should be! 


​Learning can't be avoided!


Let's Walk Through This Together

I've created an Unschooling Guide to help you see how awesome YOUR FAMILY'S Unschooling Day can be!

I can walk you through the new ideas and concepts that are coming up as you're moving toward unschooling.

You really don't have to do this alone!

This Unschooling Guide holds even more for you to ponder along with the question of "Typical Days"

  • Looking at the personalities involved
  • Thinking about our homes
  • What's available in our communities
  • Why do we want to know more about other people's days?
  • Deschooling and Rethinking Subjects
  • Kids & structure
  • Journal prompts
  • Inspirational articles

Setting Up an Unschooling Home

Here's a Walk-through of what you might find in an unschooling family's home.

Typical Unschooling Days

More resources for you, if you're looking for information on Typical Days.

Threads in the Facebook group and Social Media share glimpses into unschoolers' lives. You're invited to share yours in those groups or the comments at this blogpost.

Unschooling Teens and Sleep

Sometimes the "typical day" requires reexamining what a "good sleep schedule" is understanding why it looks a little different in the teen years.

Dive Deeper Into Deschooling

This Unschooling Guide will help you through the process!
We have quite a bit of unlearning to do, right?

Here's what you'll find in this Unschooling Guide about Deschooling:

  • A full color 20-page mini-magazine
  • Practical solutions for issues that arise in your home during this phase
  • How to cope with community criticism
  • Looking back on your own school experiences and how they affect you today
  • Deschooling tips about learning, parenting, and the kids
  • Strategies for connecting more with the children as they deschool
  • Journaling prompts to dive deeper
  • Even an "Unschooling Curriculum!" ????


Let me share years of experience- you don't have to reinvent the wheel!

Maybe you like the idea of Unschooling,
but fall back on school ways because they're so FAMILIAR!

Or maybe you second-guess yourself and start combing the internet
for some (any?) kind of curriculum that could maybe work for your kids?