Make a Time Capsule – 2/2/22

Time Capsule

Quick! Not much time to do this!

Make a Time Capsule with the Kids!

On February 2, 2022 - the numbers are 2/2/22!

It's the perfect day to grab a small container and fill it with info about the day!
Trinkets, notes about favorites, newspaper clippings - whatever would be fun to remember.

And get this - eleven years from now it will be 2033!
How about planning to open your time capsule on 3/3/33?!

As a mom with grown kids, I remember that pause when someone suggests something and you simply have very little bandwidth to spare! 

But I can make this easy for you. In my membership group, Creating Confidence (why of course you can join us!), I created a PDF for members to use with their kids when the neighbors and cousins were posting their first day of school photos. It's a way to pause and see that child standing right there in front of us! And then to do it the same time each year. School families may do those back-to-school times as their markers - we could make it a tradition ANY day we want!

And, how perfect that we would keep coming back to look on February 2nd -  GROUNDHOG DAY!!!
I am having way too much fun with this post! 

My point is - and yes I have one - I want to give you this PDF so you don't have to stress out trying to think about what you might like to record about your kids on 2/2/22!

My Gift to You!

You don't have to give me your email or anything. I just want you to have this little connection with your kiddos! It makes me happy to think of moms and dads and kids making little time capsules out of Pringles cans or decorated Zip Lock bags (see? it can be easy!)

All About Me!

25 Questions to ask your child
- or record what you observe.

A snapshot of today - 2/2/22!

You could even record YOUR OWN answers too!

All About Me - Time Capsule Questions

sAbout My Groundhog Day reference...

Way back when... maybe 2012... I was doing various blogpost challenges and I wrote about our family's love of the movie, Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell. I'll share what I wrote - and you can tell me if your family has funny traditions like this too!

I know it’s a funny little obscure holiday. But we have always loved Groundhog Day.  We are a family that has traditions; and as I think about it now, they often center around the television!
We have to watch Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve, and we have to watch Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day on February 2nd to name a couple. As the kids got older, we got a little lax and we simply had to watch it somewhere AROUND Ground Hog’s Day.Ground Hog Day

I was looking around to find a YouTube clip for those of you who might need it, I stumbled across some things.
There’s a Wikipedia page for Groundhog Day.  It has explanations for thing I never even thought of!
...I didn’t wonder why Phil was trapped in this repetitive loop.
...Nor did I think about how long that was supposed to take place.
I just went with the story, because…I guess that’s just how I am.!

We loved the show and we’re always a little startled when someone thinks it’s too ridiculous to be funny. But true to form, we press on with our list of Great Traditional Patterson Movies!

But here’s a clip from the <<ACTUAL Pennsylvania Ground Hog emerging.>> [My original story related to the 2012 GH day - but that link is long since gone.   So here's my edit below:  Last Year's Video of Punxsutawney Phil!

And if you thought the Movie version was odd, you will definitely think that about the real thing!!  I don’t really remember looking at an actual video of this event. I’d see men in top hats on Yahoo News, predicting 6 more weeks of winter. But to watch this on video, well, you simply must.

It’s a tradition!

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