But What About…?

Is this LEGAL??

Yes! It is! In all 50 states as well as my countries around the world.

Learn more about the Legal Requirements


What is it and is it something I need to do? We have a collection of articles that will help you undo the schoolish notions in your head.

Read More About Deschooling.

Learning to Read

Unschoolers learn how to read because parents pay attention to when their child's brain is really ready. No reason exists to rush them along - and many documented reasons not to! Parents don't need curriculum packages to help their child with reading.

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Learning Math

What if you didn't do that well in math and you're worried that you're going to get in over your head? Get the reassurance you're looking for.

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Record Keeping

If unschoolers don't use tests, grades or divide the learning into subjects, what do you do about record keeping?

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"What if I'm afraid my kid will stay on the computer all day every day?" We have a lot for you to read and a fabulous FB group that will help with parenting questions like this.

Check out the articles, podcasts, videos, and blogposts that will help you embrace technology as the fabulous tool it is!

Unschooling Teenagers

Do you worry that unschooling your teenager might not be a good thing? Maybe you're thinking that unschooling might not prepare them for college or a good career? Read more about how unschooling works - even for teens!

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When Parents Work

Sometimes parents have to work. Unschooling can still be a choice - it will take some juggling though. We've collected suggestions from families who have found ways to unschool their children, even though they have to work.

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Limited Budgets

Sometimes people worry that they won't have enough money to unschool their children.

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Typical Days

New people always want to see a glimpse into what life could look like as an unschooling family. Everyone is so unique though, it's really unlikely one family looks that much like another.  But think of a string of Saturdays... or a great summer break. Whatever that looks like in your family is probably going to be a bigger clue as to what this will be for you.

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African American Unschoolers

Sometimes it's hard to find other people of color. We've collected a few links and resources that might help.

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Early Childhood

If you're feeling pressure to put your little one into preschool, please read the articles at the website here. We have articles about what's wrong with early academics, what are the benefits of play, activities you could do with your young child, and more.

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Unschooling Resources

If you'd like to read some good books about unschooling, here are our favorites. We've also included links to magazines, podcasts, and free books that we know about.

See the Suggestions

Radical Unschooling

You may hear this term now and wonder what it means. The term "radical" is being used to reference taking something to its roots. And that's what those who are radical unschoolers have done. They're applying the unschooling principles to their parenting too - not just to academics.

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Unschooling Conferences

Conferences that embrace unschooling are listed at this page.This also includes some large scale camping trips as well as a lot of options for teenagers.

Find a conference nearby! Or plan a road trip!

Finding Local Unschoolers

Our ever-growing collection of groups and links, helping unschoolers get connected with the locals.

Find a group in your area!

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