10 Reasons Unschoolers Celebrate This Time of Year

10 Reasons Unschoolers Celebrate This Time of Year

10 Reasons Unschoolers Celebrate This Time of Year!

This time of year, the whole country is focused on giving up playtime and getting kids ready to go back to school.

Some homeschoolers/ unschoolers take advantage of the sales, others plan their own NOT-Back-to-School parties, and others head off on adventures with no nod toward society’s preoccupation whatsoever.

Regardless which camp you fall into, I’d like to show you Ten Reasons to be just fine with this time of year!

1. Summer Doesn't Really End!

Since it’s still August, we don’t have to end summer prematurely.  It’s still hot out and all of our fun summertime activities can continue until fall actually arrives. Personally, we live in Texas -  so that’s not happening until DECEMBER!
Don't you remember as a kid, feeling like summer ended QUICKLY?? It doesn't have to, for your kid!

2. Shorter Lines Everywhere!

Once the kids go back to school, we get to enjoy shorter lines at the waterparks, the museums, Six Flags, Sea World, Fiesta Texas, NASA – everywhere! And with Covid, I'm not sure school field trip groups are even happening. You may have a lot of access at local fun places!

3. Empty Beaches/Campgrounds.

We will find less people playing at the beach, area lakes or neighborhood parks. Maybe it's time to get out there!

4. Cheaper Flights/Hotel Rates

This was an awesome perk we noticed right away. Summer and holiday rates go up - but we don't have to travel then! The entire calendar year is available to us with all the discounted rates that flexibilty allows.

5. Art Supplies On Sale

Instead of avoiding the Back-to-School sales, now's the time to stock up. Do you have markers that are showing signs of being dried up? Need another ream of paper, journal pads, spirals? Now's the time to get the good deals on these.

6. Meal Times Fit the Individual.

Did you ever have the "First Lunch" at school? And you were eating at 10:30 in the morning?? Your kids can eat when they're hungry and not because that's when everyone must be fed. Healthy food is available all day long for unschoolers. Did you see the movie Fed Up?? You’d be shocked at how the schools are pushing such poor nutrition for the kids there. But making meal TIMES fit your family is really big perk!

7. Uninterrupted Creativity and Play.

Unschoolers know the  importance of guarding their children’s imaginations. We can see how problem solving and critical thinking skills come from creativity! These skills will be so much more useful in their future than memorized facts – especially since the phones in their pockets can give them answers to questions immediately.

8. Autonomy and Self-Direction.

Unschooled kids can pursue their passions all day long instead of trying to cram their interests into those tiny windows of opportunity after school between homework, dinner, and bedtime. They can explore topics in whatever ways they choose. They can flit across the top of many different ideas and concepts or dive deeply into a particular interest. No school bell rings to tell unschoolers when to start and stop thinking.

9. Flexible Calendars.

Our calendars are up to us – our own families and our own schedules. No vacationing only if the school allows it or working around the calendars set by the district. No "asking for permission" because something is happening in the family or being in trouble for "too many unexcused absences."

10. More Time for Family/Friend Connection.

We have unlimited hugs, reassurance, games, books, sleepovers, potlucks, playtime, puzzles, music, projects, learning in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

Our kids won’t experience any giant disruption in their sleep patterns. None of the horrible side effects of sleep deprivation due to early morning class times for us!

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