Unschooling and Valentine’s Day

Unschooling Valentine 's Day

Updated for 2022!
Adding memes below!

Valentine's Day may or may not be your cuppa tea. It's ok.
You may LOVE Valentine's Day and want to recreate some of the fun you remember from your own school days.

No matter which way you fall with this, here are a few ideas to spread the love a little... and give the unschooled kids a little nod to the tradition.

Here are my TOP 10 Valentine Ideas


#10. History.

Let's start here. According to the research, Valentine's Day doesn't have the sweet origins that many of us believed... that came later. YouTube can help you learn about the true start for Valentine's Day. To be honest, some of the videos are a bit dark and gory. Some kids may love that! Others may prefer that you skip this and stick with Cupid. Parents, you'll know which route to take!

Here's a link for other Valentine videos for Kids.


#9. Valentine Jokes!

What did the calculator say to the pencil on Valentine's Day?
You can count on me!

Knock Knock Whoʼs there?
Olive Olive who? Olive you

What did the one sheep say to the other?   I love ewe!

Knock Knock Whoʼs there? Arthur
Arthur who? Arthur any more chocolates left?

What do you call the world’s smallest Valentine’s Day card?
A valen-teeny.

Knock Knock Whoʼs there? Howard
Howard who? Howard you like a big hug from me?

What did one elephant say to the other elephant on Valentine’s Day?
I love you a ton!

Knock Knock Whoʼs there? Justin
Justin who? Justin time for Valentineʼs Day...I love you!

What did one cat say to the other on Valentine's Day?
You're PURRRRR-fect for me!

#8. Heart Marshmallow Tinker Toys

STEM activities are all the rage - and we've been playing with these things for decades! Long before they were called "STEM!" Anyhoo... still fun.

Heart Marshmallow Building Structures
Heart Marshmallow & Toothpick Structures

#7. Valentine's Day "Grazing Board"

Charcuterie boards aren't just for fancy people! Make a kids' version with all their favorite foods. Think red/pink theme and it will be a HUGE hit!

Valentine Grazing Board
Valentine Grazing Board

#6. Convert Gingerbread House to Valentine House!

Did you have big plans for that Gingerbread House Kit you grabbed at Target?
Or maybe it was in the Clearance aisle after Christmas, and you couldn't resist the sale price!

Regardless of why you still have a Gingerbread House kit in your pantry, Unschooling Mom Ava Love Hanna shared how she converted hers to an adorable Valentine House! She just needed sprinkles and Valentine candies to morph into the holiday. (Yes, the characters are made out of the frosting provided in the $8 kit from Trader Joe's!) This got me thinking that you could buy up several and work on your housebuilding skills - a new Holiday House every month!

If you make a Valentine house this year - or if you make one on any of the other holiday months (Ava says these kits can be kept for a YEAR!) - share the photo in the comments or tell us about it!

Valentine Gingerbread House
Ava Love Hanna

#5. Valentine Food!

You can't go wrong with chocolate - at least at my house! But there are so many yummy options! You could use cookie cutters to cut pieces of watermelon or cucumbers, sandwiches, rice krispie treats, pepperoni for your pizza! Time to get creative!

Valentine Cut Fruit
Cut Your Fruit into Valentine Hearts

#4. Valentine Games

Here's a collection of Minute to Win It Games using Candy Hearts. 

Or try some Valentine's I Spy
You can create Heart HopScotch games with Construction Paper.
Or Tick Tack Toe with red/pink M & Ms - or red and white TicTac Breath Mints!

Party Games!

#3. Valentine's Day Volcanos!

You really can't go wrong with a Volcano for Valentine's Day! And this crafter's link will give you a video to see what all this entails. Plus the ingredient list and suggestions!

Valentine Volcano
When Your Love is LavaLicious!

#2 Donuts for Valentine's Breakfast!

Last minute moms unite! We can always hop over to the donut shop to Valentine Up the breakfast while the kids sleep in. This mom has some printable cards for you to use!

Valentine Donuts & Printable
Valentine Donuts!


#1.  Show Your Love!

A truly unschooling-aligned activity! Write what you love about your child onto a heart (cut from construction paper or foam). This crafty mom put the hearts on their child's door, while others put them around the house for their child to discover!

This could be fun to do for the week leading up to Valentine's - or declare it Valentine's Weekend, or all of February can be Valentine's Month!

Heart Attack
Skip to My Lou - Heart Attack



Great Ideas at Pinterest!

Do you need a little help in the Creativity Department?

I've collected so many ideas for you to play with over at Pinterest. You can look it up as Unschooling Mom2Mom or use the button to go straight to the Valentine Board!

Your kids are going to have so much fun!

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Leave comment if your family had some favorites!