Unschooling and Socialization

Unschooling and Socialization

Sharing from our Unschooling Mom2Mom Facebook Post

I know that many of you aren't on Facebook, so every now and then, I want to bring over some posts that might be helpful for you to.  Like this one... what about unschooling and socialization??

Ah… the question that has plagued us for decades.

It’s a little tricky because it means different things to different people.


➡️ Some people are worried about how the kids will make friends.
➡️ Some people worry their kids will “turn out weird” or socially awkward.
➡️ Some people worry that their kids will be little hothouse plants that can’t cope with negative social situations when they inevitably arrive.


And no matter which worry you might have, for some odd reason, society seems to accept that SCHOOL is the place that will solve everything from a social standpoint. 🤷‍♀️


👉 Maybe they/you are forgetting about bullies? Some bullying is by teachers.
👉 Maybe they/you are forgetting that desk proximity does not equal friendship.
👉 Maybe they/you are forgetting how many times you were told by teachers “You’re not here to socialize!” … and now they are?? Huh?


It’s a lot to unpack.
And that’s because of all the emotions we have tied up into this.

The Unschooling Guide: Socialization

This is a great starting place.

You can do a deeper dive into what’s really bothering you (or someone asking you) about this socialization question.
🌻The social skills that start at home
🌻 Community involvement
🌻 Journaling Prompts about what’s worrying you
🌻 "Will unschooling make my kid weird?"
🌻 "How will they learn… to wait in line, to take turns?"
🌻 Online friends vs friends in real life
🌻 Social BENEFITS of Unschooling
🌻 Social skills learned in school setting vs social skills learned in real life
🌻 Do we need to “Toughen up” kids?
🌻 More about Making Friends
🌻 Developing Communication Skills

🌻 More articles about socialization and children

… I gotta admit, this is a pretty awesome Guide!


Unschooling Guide: Socialization

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