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Unschoolers talk a lot about the benefits of kids using technology. This often flies in the face of many of the mainstream articles that oppose this parenting angle.  Our Facebook groups have been buzzing over the topic - and I would predict that this will continue to be one of our more frequent issues parents are trying to come to terms with.

So we asked the unschoolers who are comfortable with the use of technology a few questions. Their answers will be so helpful if you're struggling.

These are the typical questions parents have:

#1 What if that's all they want to do?

#2 What if it makes them grumpy?

#3 How will they learn anything important?

#4 How do I let the older one have access to things the younger one shouldn't see?

#5 How do I manage other people's opinions about this - for me and for the kids? (since kids' use of technology is so vilified in the mainstream world)

#6 How do I help them get off their tablets and go to bed?

Unschooling Mom2Mom Facebook Group

If you're in our Free Facebook group, here are links to threads you will find helpful.
You've been showered with articles from the mainstream perspective, it's time to listen to some other voices.

Unschoolers & Technology

Technology is one of those hot-button issues. It can spark all kinds of fear in parents!

This 20-page guide will answer your questions, like:
Are they on their devices too much?
How much IS too much?
I want to be a good parent, but… what do I do?

One of the biggest things that can distract us from the joys of unschooling seems to be our kids’ use of technology.
This guide is here to help you figure out what could work in your home.

Here on the Website

Here's the link to our extensive curated page:

Unschooling and Technology

If you're concerned about tech use, work your way through these articles.
The more you read, the firmer your foundation will be.


Because here's the thing... lots of people get swept up in the mainstream hype that is all fear-based and shaming of those who let their kids play with technology a lot.

  1. Time to do your own research instead of passively absorbing what's pushed your way.
  2. Read the articles about how technology is NOT the enemy and how unschooling families are using it all the time. Look for examples of where THAT is true.
  3. Create your own foundation of data from your own research. Don't be a sheep.

Lots of factors can skew research:

  • Did they only study schooled children?
  • Who paid for the study?
  • Did they have a vested interest in a particular outcome?
    ...Just to name a few.

So! Time to be your own social scientist and think for yourself! Listen to the unschoolers with life experiences that do NOT conform to the mainstream expectation.

This is actually part of the deschooling process – letting go of ideas just because the powers-that-be say something is so. If you want to be successful at unschooling, you have to learn to stand on your own two feet, process a variety of opinions, and make your own decisions.

I have full faith in you.

Heck, if I can do it – a mom from the suburbs who had no intention of taking this path when I first had children – you can do it too! ????

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