Stressed Out Moms!

Stressed Out Moms

Are You Stressed Out?

Quite a few mamas are showing up on our Unschooling Mom2Mom Facebook group are really at the end of their ropes. I get it - all of this can all be really overwhelming.

So I'm calling all stressed out moms! I have some solutions!

When you first start unschooling, it's about getting the information you need to take those first steps. Here at the website, we have some resources to help you Get Started Unschooling
But sometimes you're not at the beginning, but you're stressing out.
Yes, it's a pandemic and this isn't going how you envisioned.
That may be a factor.

Sometimes it's a variety of other reasons that might be contributing, like:
  • Afraid you're not doing enough
  • Worried you're doing this all wrong
  • Too much criticism
  • Your ideas of fun vs. theirs
  • Holding onto stories
  • Not enough self-care
  • Understanding yourself a little better
See? Lots of reasons can be compounding and making this harder.

Turn It All Around!

Here are the first steps to gaining a little more control over your emotions and your outlook:

  1. Take a look at which of the above is causing you the most grief.
  2. Create a strategy to hone in on those issues.
  3. Gather the resources to help you CONQUER them once and for all!

So many of us think we'll just power through and NOT work on the actual problem. It should come as no surprise then, that the problem doesn't really get resolved. It gets POSTPONED. And, unfortunately, it can have a snowball effect and get bigger and bigger as you push it away from you.

But if you'll LOOK at the and see what you can change, you really can have a different experience. And so can the kids!


2 Solution Strategies I Offer:

Are You Stressed Out?

I've created an Unschooling Guide specifically for moms who are feeling stressed out! I've identified the 9 Most Common Reasons Moms Feel Overwhelmed - and more importantly - what you can DO about it!

You know that when you're stressed, you're not parenting the way you want to. So if you're not fixing this for yourself - fix it for the kids! Think how much better the interactions could be if the stress level came down a few notches!!

This Unschooling Guide has 29 pages full of resources, encouragement, and practical ways to change things in your home, with your family, and in your own head.

It may be time to take some action, right?

You Need a Supportive Community!!

My Creating Confidence Membership Group helps sooo many families overcome those feelings of isolation. We really weren't meant to do this all by ourselves.

After25 years of talking with families on this unschooling journey, I have a lot of information to share with members. And I've cultivated a wonderful community of unschooling parents who can brainstorm with you, offering you places to vent or celebrate.

You don't have to do this alone!

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