Pi Day – March 14th

Pi Day for Unschoolers

Each March, math geeks and pie lovers converge to celebrate Pi Day!

Mathematically speaking, the date is chosen because Pi = 3.14+

As Unschoolers, I want to take a moment to show you how math really does weave through our lives. We just have to notice it!

So how would unschoolers celebrate Pi Day?

I'm so glad you asked!

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Your Refresher Course about Pi

Grab a book!

Pi Day Dr. Seuss
Here's the link!

Here it is in video:



Bake a Pie! Any kind of pie would be fun! Take a little bit of crust and add it to the top, showing the symbol Pi.

Hold a Pie Taste Test - what's everyone's favorite?

At precisely 3:14 PM, stop for some Pie!


Celebrate Einstein's Birthday! It's today!

Albert Einstein and PI Day

And at Teachers Pay Teachers, there's a quick little booklet you could download to create and Einstein Pizza Party!

Share funny Pi memes with the kids. If they have phones, text them over to them. Yes, they may pretend to be annoyed, but that's ok! Just tell them you can't help but be excited about all things Pi related!

Watch some Pi Day Videos with the kids - while sampling your pies, of course!



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