Notice the Learning

Notice the learning

The world provides so many interesting and curious opportunities.
Kids are engaging in these all the time.
As parents, our job is to notice the learning that is happening right in front of us!

I spoke about unschooling at a conference in Texas recently. The most common question here - as well as everywhere else is:

If our state requires that we cover certain subjects, what's an unschooler to do?

Curriculum, subjects, lesson plans - those are familiar to all of us.
But they've put the cart before the horse. They focus on the teaching aspects instead of starting with The Learner.

The Learner is busy engaging in activities and exploring their curiosities. They/We are hard-wired to do this. Human love learning!

As long as it's what we're interested in, right? Less love when it's what someone else says we need to know, and we can't see why.

Educational research has been saying this for some time - but schools can't/won't shift gears and implement what they've discovered. But we can!

Texas is not Alone

Different states have different laws. Sometimes their legal requirements include subjects that parents who home educate have to "cover." Your state may identify other subjects, add more to this list - or not add any at all.

Texas requires, Math, Reading, Grammar, Spelling, and Citizenship. Each of the boxes below show ways that these subjects weave through every day lives. As you read through these activities, challenge yourself to think of other things your kids are learning without major orchestration on your part. You don't have to duplicate the school approach at all.

Kids are learning all the time - we don't have to orchestrate everything.
But we do have to NOTICE!

My quick video explanation of this at TikTok:

@unschoolingmom2mom Wondering how unschoolers meet the legal requirements when states want certain subjects “covered?” I’ll show you! I’ll add these graphics in my email tomorrow, if you want them! #unschooltok #unschool #unschoolingmom2mom ♬ original sound - Sue Patterson

More Ideas to Add to My List?

I shared these on social media and invited parents to share other ways their kids have learned these subjects. Did something come to mind for you? Hop over and share it here: