Mother’s Day 2020

Happy Mother's Day from Sue

Let's face it, Mother’s Day takes quite a bit of orchestration. Someone (usually an adult that’s not the mom) has to get the kids excited about doing something for mom.

Maybe in schools, the art projects would have been aimed at creating some special MDG (mother’s day gift). Or remember those Muffin days they had last year?

But what about in an unschooler’s home?
To be honest, it can go either way.

If your family is always looking for reasons to celebrate, you might be in luck! Gifts, meals, hanging out together!  If the kids are young, the spouse or another adult has to be on the ball enough to help walk the kids through the customs in your family.

They can be simple - grocery store flowers, or a little toast and coffee in bed.  Or more elaborate full blown meals and gifts to open!

Other families aren't that great with these celebrations - for all kinds of reasons. Last year, I wrote a little about single moms, and those who don't have good relationships with their own moms. But I also included ways that kids show their love without flowers and gifts.

2020 Makes Things Different...

COVID has changed up quite a few things for us all this year, and Mother's Day is no exception. Some moms are separated from their own moms. Or if you're like me with grown kids, they're sheltering in their own homes - not at my house. So that will make Mother's Day really different this year.

If your kids are home with you, and you wake up to no breakfast in bed, no gifts, you can still make something happen for yourself. It beats moping around feeling sorry for yourself. So they forgot. Ok. How can you change the trajectory of the day?

Go ahead and pick some flowers from the garden. (I might do that!)  Or the kids can each make a tissue paper flower for you. Put them in a pretty vase and remind yourself that Different times require Different Measures.
Tissue Paper Flower Video


Regardless of whether or not your family shows their appreciation for you this Mother’s Day, remember a few things:


We all know it comes from the greeting card world, right?
And even the woman who invented the concept had NO intention of having it turn into what it has today!

Poor Anna Jarvis.

7 Things You Don't Know About Mother’s Day’s Dark History



They love you, even if they don’t come through on this designated day. Steer clear of Instagram and all social media today. Even those who have a “meh” Mother’s Day manage to post about it in a way that can really seem waaaay better than it was. You don’t need that!

One Simple Strategy for Your Best Mother's Day Yet



We feel better when we shift from scarcity to abundance.
Reframe from getting/receiving, to realizing what you already have. What happy mommy memories can you recall?

Some mothers have way more time with their kids than in years past. One 17-year-old in this article said, “It’s almost like you scripted this…” Ha!
The Pandemic Offers Mothers Something They Will Never Have Again



If your mom wasn’t that great, now’s the time to focus on other ways to be mothered. Aunts, friends, even mothering yourself!

This may help:
Celebrating Mothers Day with the “Not-So-Perfect” Mom



And because most of us are having a very different Mother’s Day this year, maybe you need some different movies to serve as a bit of a replacement! This list cracked me up. I'm going to pick one of these - how about you?

Happy Mother’s Day to These Oddballs and Malcontents
"But in this atypical time, it’s atypical moms who deserve screen time. These matriarchs are nobody’s idea of ordinary. They’re the tough oddballs and troublesome misfits and anything-goes women who are fiercely protective of their kids, and who strive, despite many obstacles, to help their families flourish and make bad situations better. These moms are strange, but you know what? Moms’ new normal is strange, too."

Happy Mother's Day - From me to you! xoxo


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