Kids and Money!

Guest Speaker Colleen Salchow - Kids and Money

Are you unsure how to help your kids understand about money?

Maybe you'd like to help them find ways to earn money of their own?


Colleen Salchow is coming to the Creating Confidence membership group this week to talk about all of this and more!

  • How can your kids earn money?
  • How can they learn how to manage the money they have?
  • How does a budget really work?
  • How can we help our kids deal with money - especially if we're not that great at it ourselves?

Within the coaching group, in addition to all the regular benefits of membership, we have monthly workshops, book clubs, or guest speakers. This month - because everyone has been asking for help - we have someone coming to talk with us about money!

If you feel anxious, frustrated or confused about your finances Colleen will show us how to make a budget, get organized, and develop a plan towards financial peace.


She even has a program designed for tweens and teens so they can  learn about budgeting and getting organized with handling money responsibly!

Colleen helps families develop individualized goals and a zero based budget that will lead to healthy financial habits.

Creating Confidence Membership

Even if you only want to join us for the workshop about money - you're welcome to do that!

Or, if you've been on the fence about joining and getting the support you know you need, maybe this is the encouragement you're looking for!

The membership offers so many resources through a private membership portal, a wonderful supportive unschooling community, and TEN live group coaching calls every month!

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