Deschooling Workshop!

This Workshop has Passed.

HOWEVER, it will be available for sale on it's own very soon. In the meantime, you can read deschooling articles here at the website!



Do you need some deschooling help ASAP?

This time of year seems to be hard for many parents who
~ if they weren't unschooling ~
would have been perusing curriculum catalogs, envisioning perfectly compliant little homeschoolers soaking up all the goodness!

But we know how that REALLY goes, right?  Not like that at all.

Let's get together and talk about why we keep feeling pulled in this direction.
What part is missing in this deschooling puzzle?

I have some ideas that I really think will help you!

Monthly Workshops

are part of my

Creating Confidence Membership Program.

You're welcome to join us for this one month, to participate in the workshop. You'll have access to all the benefits of membership for the month - you're welcome to cancel anytime. Or maybe you'll love it and want to stay!!!

4 thoughts on “Deschooling Workshop!

    • Sue Patterson says:

      Hi Lorene, currently it’s only available within the Creating Confidence membership group. You’re welcome to join us in there – there’ s no long-term commitment.

      Although my plan is to get all the past workshops cleaned up and available for sale from the website. (I just don’t seem to making any headway on this project!!!!)

  1. Shannon Jaeckle says:

    Is it possible to listen to the recorded workshop on deschooling? What’s the cost to try your program for a month? What all is included? Thank you.

    • Sue Patterson says:

      Hi Shannon! The recording is available in the membership group – all of the past workshops are. There’s no big commitment to join the Creating Confidence program. It’s $30/month – on a month-by-month basis. We have group coaching calls through Zoom, monthly workshops or guest speakers, Monday morning check-ins, our own WhatsApp channel, a private FB group, and we’re just starting with more resources for parents of teens!

      Here’s the link to read more about it:

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