Unschooling Guide: Learning Math


This 30-page full color Unschooling Guide will ease your mind on the topic of learning math as unschoolers.

In this Guide, you’ll find:

  • Ways to Find Math in Your Home & Community
  • Exploring Your Own Hesitations about Math
  • Tips for Overcoming Math Anxiety
  • Inspiring articles about Embracing Math
  • Math Games and Suggestions
    … so much help for you!


How are unschoolers learning  about Math – without lesson plans, curriculum, or timelines?

We’re a nation convinced that learning math is different from learning anything else.
How many times have I heard someone say, “I like unschooling – but we’re going to use a math curriculum…because, you know, it’s MATH!”

This Unschooling Guide: Learning Math is designed to help you through your own math phobia – and showing you how to AVOID passing that on to your kids.

Math is all around us, every single day. It’s just waiting for us to notice! I’d like to help you see that math is simply a beautiful language full of tools, and solutions to problems that are woven throughout our lives. This Guide shares writings from unschoolers who will help you understand that math is nothing to fear.


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