Gaming, Technology, and Friendships

 Guest blogger, Belinda Bonham Carter, noticed how many stories exist about how technology disconnects us, its ill effects and how gaming in particular can be harmful. This story is not that perspective. Sixteen months ago, relatively new to homeschooling, I took an online discussion/seminar class focusing on child-led learning. During the class the subject of Read More

When Socializing Looks Unsocial

Michelle Conaway shows us how technology may be changing how we view socialization. Parents may not be aware of all the skills kids are learning while they’re playing games and interacting with friends online.  It is hard to believe, but one of the most asked questions of homeschoolers is still about socialization. How will they learn Read More

Why Playing Video Games Can Be GOOD For Kids!

Have your children experienced trauma? Was bullying one of the reasons you’ve removed them from school? Roya Dedeaux, LMFT, shares seven reasons why parents should consider encouraging (rather than discouraging!) their children from playing video games. Playing video games can be one of the ABSOLUTE BEST THINGS a kid can do after undergoing trauma, abuse, Read More

Embracing Minecraft

What’s up with Minecraft? And why are parents so worried about it? Let’s talk about it: “My kid is playing Minecraft All.The.Time!” Comments like this always make me start with some questions… Really? ALL the time? No karate practice, Shark Week on TV, Pizza with the fam? I don’t think it’s always. A lot? Maybe. Read More