Sue’s Speaking

Sue Patterson

Conference Speaker & Podcast Guest

Sue has been a well-loved speaker since the 1990s! She is comfortable with any questions from the audience and her experience allows her to respond in a kind and reassuring way.

With the onset of the pandemic, Sue speaks primarily as a podcast guest and a virtual conference speaker. Her topics span from getting started unschooling, unschooling teenagers, overcoming fears  – and all the nuances that exist in between!

Past Speaking:


From Nothing to Anything (available in May 2022)
Unschooling Now
CHN MiniCon
California Homeschool Network
MOB Nation (Mom Owned Businesses)
Bay Area Homeschool Fair
Free to Be Unschooling Conference (Phoenix)
SoCal Homeschooling Conference
Texas Unschoolers Conference
Austin Unschoolers
HomeSchool Association of California
Live and Learn Conferences
Rethinking Education Conference
Keynotes for Homeschool Graduation Ceremonies

Let'em Go Barefoot (Missy Willis)
Honey, I’m Homeschooling the Kids (Robyn Robertson)
Exploring Unschooling (Pam Laricchia)
Sage Family Podcast (Rachel Rainboldt)
The Unschool Files (Meghan)
Texas Unschoolers FB Chat (Rachel Miller & Shannon Stoltz)
Classrooms without Walls – Amazon Live (Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang)
BraveLearner Community Masterclass (Julie Bogart)
Surviving the Waiting Room Summit (Moira Kirk Cleary)
Heart-Based Homeschoolers (Rebecca Miller )
Changes in Education (Gina Riley)
The Get More Podcast (Cassandra Moore)
Safer at Home (Monique Gaffney)
This Indulgent Life  (Mary Cook)

United States DoDEA
Sue was flown to Washington D.C. to consult with the military about what to do about homeschooling families stationed overseas. (The main problem being that these families come from states with various requirements and are sometimes in countries where unschooling is illegal. What's the commander to do?) Sue helped draft a policy that could work for all homeschooling families overseas.

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