Typical Day


Many times new unschoolers or homeschoolers considering unschooling want someone to describe an unschooler’s typical day .

We can share tons of examples, but by no means are any of them “typical.”
Unschooling, by it’s very nature, is unique to each family and even unique to each child in the family.​

Included in this Unschooling Guide:

  • Considering  the personalities involved
  • Thinking about our homes
  • Think about what’s available in our communities
  • What’s motivating us to want to know more about other people’s days?
  • Deschooling and Rethinking Subjects
  • Kids & structure
  • Journal prompts
  • Inspirational articles


Sometimes people suggest that an unschooling day is like a day in the summer – filled with potential for daydreams, explorations, and discovery. Or a Saturday morning filled with the hustle and bustle of everyone being together.  A typical day varies from home to home, and day to day.

Unschooling parents are tuned into their kids so they’re aware of what kinds of opportunities might be of interest. They enjoy the role of tour guide, resource finder, and companions to their children.​ The options are endless.

Perhaps what’s “typical” about unschoolers and their days is the parents’ attitude about life and learning, prioritizing connection with their kids over academics or “supposed to’s,” and the desire to add something to their child’s day that might make their eyes sparkle.

This Unschooling Guide holds even more for you to ponder along with the question of “Typical Days”


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