You’ve heard the word “strewing” used in unschooling circles but you’re not really sure what it means, right?

This Unschooling Guide will walk you through what is – and what isn’t – strewing! You’ll be excited to discover:

  • Pages of Strewing ideas for your home and how to find more in your community
  • Advantages to strewing – for the kids and for you!
  • Tips and suggestions for strewing
  • Journaling options to help you dive a little deeper into the idea of strewing
  • Resources and links for more information
  • Prepare to be Inspired to Strew!


Unschooling Mom2Mom offers a lot of resources to help you use Strewing in your home.

You’ll want to grab this Unschooling Guide for tips and ideas for strewing!

If you’re new to the concept, this podcast (with transcript) will help.

If you’re low on creative ideas, we’ve created Strewing Calendars! Random celebrations for each day of the month. Your $5 (yes! you read that right!) subscription will get you a printable calendar, links for each celebrations AND an email every Sunday to give you MORE resource links for the week ahead. It’s wildly popular!


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