Record Keeping


New and Improved!
This Unschooling Guide now has 16 full-color pages of helpful tips and insights for those wondering how to keep records as an unschooler!

While some families live in states that have more record keeping requirements than others, the ideas and suggestions will help as you’re figuring it all out.

Included in this Unschooling Guide: Record Keeping:

  • Tools to tap into
  • Portfolio suggestions
  • Educationalese/Teacherese (speaking the lingo!)
  • Adjusting the focus for unschoolers
  • Subjects and learning in life
  • Tips for focusing on the kids
  • Fun Ideas to record all those awesome activities!
  • Unschooling Inspiration
  • Worksheets for parents to help you move through all of this

This PDF will help you understand more about recording your child’s progress.


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