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If you’re worried about unschooling through the teen years, listen to 75 young people describe how they lived their teen lives without school.
They’ve answered all the questions that parents (and other teens!) want to know about what a life like this is like!
You’ll love their candor. And humor.
And you’ll be reassured that this option has been working for teens for a while now!

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When you contemplate homeschooling through the teen years, are you worried about your children getting into college, making friends, or having a full, rich life?
Do questions like these pop up?

  • Would they miss the various activities associated with adolescence?
  • Will this choice to homeschool close doors for my teen?
  • Will I be warping them somehow?
  • Will they hate me later down the road?

My book, Homeschooled Teens, shares my own insights from raising three grown unschoolers plus what I discovered when I asked 75 teens and young adults about being homeschooled through adolescence.

Find out about:

  • What can “unique learning paths” actually look like?
  • What was their social life like?
  • How were their family relationships?
  • What advantages did they find?
  • Did they go to college?
  • What kinds of careers did they choose?
  • What words of advice do they have for parents?
  • What are they doing now?
  • And much more!

Whether you’ve homeschooled/unschooled through younger years and doubt your ability to continue through adolescence or your teen is still withering away in school and you’re contemplating options, this book allows you to hear from those who’ve been there!

“If you have doubts –this is the reassurance you need!
A fascinating look at the lives of homeschooled teens. I found reading the candid observations and insights shared by these 75 teens and young adults a rather mesmerizing experience. Answers are at times blunt, expressive, and introspective—in other words, they are as full of life as their writers”
~Pam Laricchia, Living Joyfully

”This is a great book to help you determine how you and your teenager can flourish and blossom with homeschooling.”
~Patrick Farenga, John Holt, GWS

“I loved the range of perspectives, especially hearing the reflections from the people further along their life path. With a clear, compassionate voice Sue provides a window into the variety of ways that teens can learn and thrive without school from the perspective that homeschooling clearly is the best choice for teens.”
~Lisa A. Nalbone, Joyful Learning Blog

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