365 Days of Deschooling


You’ve heard of the word “Deschooling.”
But are you left wondering what you and the kids will actually DO during this phase?

I’ve created a list of fun activities you could include into your days.

Think about what your kids enjoy doing – and do more of that!

Sometimes our creativity lags a bit when it comes to thinking of what could be fun to do.
This list of 365 Activities – 13 colorful inspiring pages – will help you with that!

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365 Days of Fun Things to do with the Kids!

This handy Guide includes specific activities in categories like:

  • Game-Related
  • Cooking-Related
  • Solo Activities
  • Family-Related Activities
  • Activities Around the Home
  • Science Fun
  • Technology-Related
  • Outside Activities
  • Thinking of Others Activities
  • Creativity Promoting Activities
  • Out in the Community Activities

You’re going to have SO MUCH FUN Together!



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