Jumping Into Unschooling – The New Unschoolers’ Course

Jumping Into Unschooling
The New Unschoolers' Course

Are you brand-new to unschooling, and unsure about what you're getting into?

I’m so excited to be able to walk you through these first few steps of unschooling!
I know it can sometimes be scary - and formulas or specific “how-to” instructions aren’t really available.
My newest course, Jumping Into Unschooling, will help you get started in the right direction, and feeling much more confident in your decision to unschool!



Maybe you have a few questions...

Why take a course on unschooling?

When we first start out on our home educating journey, our minds are still conditioned to want everything all laid out and orderly. Some personalities also really gravitate to this approach.
Our Jumping Into Unschooling course will walk you through basic principles of unschooling as well as how to sidestep the most common obstacles that new unschoolers face.

Isn’t everything I need to know available on Google?

  • Yep! It is - but it will take time, and tedious Googling, to comb through it all and find the gems of truth and helpful wisdom.
  • There's a big difference between reading things that feel good, and getting practical, useful advice that you can apply to your life in real-time...
  • You'll save valuable time, effort, and avoid a boatload of stress by learning with me instead!
  • By taking this course, you’ll avoid sifting through the internet for hours upon hours, only to remain overwhelmed and confused.
  • Save a TON of time (and grief!), gain confidence, and start enjoying unschooling TODAY - by signing up for the Jumping Into Unschooling course!

Wondering why you should learn from me?

Sue Patterson has been helping families figure out how to learn without the restrictions of school since 1998 - over 20 years! She has a social media following of over 40,000 engaged and curious unschooling parents!
Her own children are grown unschoolers, now 25, 28, and 30 - each with completely different interests and paths - and each really happy with their childhood experiences.
Sue's kids are all successfully navigating their young adulthood with college, higher education, families, careers. (You’ll hear more about them in the course!)

"My family has unique needs, will this course apply to us?"

Yes! Every unschooling family must adjust what we learn to fit our individual family members.
So much of what we believe and think about learning is still seen through the lens of how we were raised and what our own experiences with education and learning were like.
Over time, as families actually live the unschooling experience/lifestyle, you'll find so many layers of conditioning peeling away!
Unschooling principles that you may have initially been unsure about, now seem logical. It's a process, for sure.
Learning about unschooling principles as you’re starting out helps you to have a framework to build and modify as you go.


Here's What's Included:

For each module, you'll learn from a variety of...



Unschooling Groundwork

We’ll clarify your own reasons for choosing unschooling and why it’s the right fit for your family. Additionally, we’ll identify the building blocks needed to create a strong unschooling foundation.

Overcoming Fears

When it comes to fears, new Unschoolers have plenty! So we have a lot to unpack here. Sometimes we don’t really know why we react or respond the way we do, but it often boils down to fear.
We’ll examine fears we may have about your own abilities or your child’s, fears you may have about the future - even fears that others bring into your world. But more importantly - I'll show you how to overcome these fears!

The Learning...How, What, and Why!

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty about how unschooling works, what deschooling is all about, why unschoolers don’t use curriculum- and what we focus on instead!


The Role of the Unschooling Parent

What are some basic traits that are common with successful unschoolers? And how can you develop them? We’ll identify ways to parent that can strengthen your connections with the kids, increase the joy in your homes, and create a rich learning environment for your family.


Wait, there's more? YES!

I've collected the most helpful resources for you in this course...those with the greatest impact, that will help fast-track your understanding and confidence in the unschooling lifestyle, and help your children to thrive!

In addition to the core modules above, you'll ALSO receive this AWESOME BONUS COLLECTION!

Unschooling Start-Up Guide



(only available with this course)
Step-by-step starter for the very very beginner unschooling parent. If you'd like someone to walk you through those stressful first steps, I'm here to do it in this Starter Guide!

Everything Counts ebook - silhouette looking at the stars



When unschoolers say "We learn through Life!" what exactly do they mean? Could you use a little help figuring out how learning really does weave through our lives on a daily basis?
This ebook will break it down and make it so clear for you!  You don't want to miss it!

Bonus_ Unschooling Your Teens



Are you already wondering if unschooling can really prepare teens for adulthood and real life? Or maybe you're thinking doors might close if you choose this route for the teen years? This bonus eBook will reassure you!

Unschooling & STREWING



(current month)
This is a huge favorite - all the kids LOVE it!
You'll receive a printable calendar with all sorts of fun and interesting ideas for each day of the month - and links to help you out if you're not sure what to do!