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Grown Unschoolers' Success Stories

First, we should say that we know "success" has to be defined on a personal level. For some it's money, for others it's prestige, and for others it's about their own happiness or living the life they want to live. The older we all get, we realize that our definition of success can change over time too. But, everyone should know that unschoolers can make the choices they want to make about their own lives.

As parents, we sometimes worry that our choices are going to close doors for our kids. And I suppose that's true - we move to certain parts of the country, we have incomes that may cause some financial limits. But unschooling per se does not close doors. Grown unschoolers are able to get into college, do well, and get careers. Other unschooled "grads" skip the college route and dive into careers. Some take a couple of years to travel and then reevaluate the plan.

But if you have concerns that grown unschoolers are not doing well, let these resources allay your fears.

Are You a Parent of a Teen?

Twice a month, in my Creating Confidence Membership group, we have a coaching call dedicated to topics about unschooling teens. Maybe you're worried about transcripts, or how they'll make friends. Maybe the concern is more THEIRS... and they're wondering if they're really prepared for Life!

You can bring your questions to these recorded coaching calls. But most importantly, you can connect with other parents who are on this path! Sometimes, it's hard to find each other out there in the real world. This membership makes it easier.

You really are NOT alone! 

Writings & Books

As time moves on, we have more and more grown unschoolers to read about! Hooray!


Grown Homeschoolers share about their lives

In my book, Homeschooled Teens, I posed questions to 75 young people (from ages 15-39) about what their teen lives were like without going to school. Questions like:
- How did you make friends?
- How did you learn?
- What kinds of hobbies did you enjoy?
- Did you work, do sports, travel?
- Did you get into college?
- Do you think you'll homeschool your own kids?
- What's your relationship with your family like now?

Read more about Sue Patterson's kids

Survey of Grown Unschoolers
Going to College
Peter Gray | Psychology Today

Videos & Podcasts

Lots of grown unschoolers have done interviews on panels or spoken live in front of audiences. Here's our collection of their recordings.

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Astra Taylor discusses her life

Growing Up Unschooling

A Curated Playlist of all the Interviews with Grown Unschoolers, through Exploring Unschooling Podcast

A Collection of Grown Unschoolers

Individual stories where they share about their lives

Nearly 50 articles about grown homeschoolers

Next Steps...

Go to a conference and see for yourself! Many unschooling-friendly conferences offer panels of grown unschoolers available to answer questions from audience members. Check the program too - many are often speakers on various topics.