Your Unschooling Curriculum

So many people wonder what they'd do all day with the kids without some curriculum dictating the plan. I have a few quick ideas that will give you a skeleton structure for your day. You get to decide how much or how little of it you do in any given day.

"Surely we can't play games or just chit chat all day long!"

On one hand, "Why not?" on the other hand, "You won't." Other things will pop up and need your attention or draw your child's attention and curiosity away from you. But these are all clues about the inner workings of your child... what are their preferences? When you really begin to know these, you're able to connect in ways that will not only make your relationship with your child richer, but you'll know more confidently what your next steps should be. ...Yes, really.

So here's my visual for you - what would an unschooling curriculum look like?



Your Unschooling Curriculm Info Graphic

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