Some states/countries require testing at various stages of your child’s education.
Sometimes parents feel like they want to use a standardized test to see how their child is doing.

This is a collection of articles and information to help you with this topic – from an unschooling perspective.


  • Overcoming Questions about NOT Testing, like:
  • How will your kids ever learn to do it?
  • How will you know what they’ve learned?
  • What about accountability?
  • What about teens, college, SAT/ACT tests?
  • How do unschoolers make sure they “hit all the subjects?”
  • The Parent side of test-taking
  • Which states test and what to do if you have to?
  • Articles and resources – a big reading list for you!
  • Humor

Remember, when you’re afraid of something, shine some light on it! That’s what this Guide is designed to help you do!


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