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We're all bombarded with news and information through the internet. I say "bombarded" because sometimes it feels like that, right? Especially if we have kids running in and out of the room and we're trying to get a million things done at once! (No, I'm not spying, I've just been where you are right now!)

But as an unschooling mama, it's good for us to stay informed. It helps us with our own foundation as well as when we run up against someone who is questioning our choices.

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So what's been In the News these last couple of weeks?

Benefits of Play Revealed in Research on Video Gaming

Just when you think Peter Gray has said all he has to say about play and video games, he comes up with something brilliant!

This well-documented article identifies all the areas people worry about when it comes to gaming and kids - and shows how these are actually advantages for our game-loving kids!

Google finds STEM skills aren’t the most important skills

"The seven top characteristics of success at Google are all soft skills: being a good coach; communicating and listening well; possessing insights into others (including others different values and points of view); having empathy toward and being supportive of one’s colleagues; being a good critical thinker and problem solver; and being able to make connections across complex ideas."

Why Dropping Out of School Could Actually Help Your Kid, According to One Education Expert

Sir Ken Robinson (you probably know him from his TED talks!) has spoken positively about unschooling for years - and now has chosen this for his own teen!

"He allowed his daughter to leave high school at age 16 to pursue a self-designed curriculum. And he wants other parents to consider that a nontraditional education — even dropping out — might be what’s best for their children.

'I just think it’s a lovely thing when a parent wakes up to who their child is rather than who they’re hoping they’re going to be. And it’s not always easy,' he said. 'Parents naturally want to do the best for their kids, and they often assume the best thing is to drive them through the system as it is.'

'Keep an eye on your kids, and see what it is that interests them,' he added. 'And if you’re constantly pushing them down a path that they’re resisting, rethink that.'”

In Defense Of Skipping College And Enrolling In The Real World

This Forbes article by Carolyn Howard says,

"We have many lessons to learn from successful people who have done poorly, dropped out, never went, or just hated school. A common thread strings them together -- a serious commitment to lifelong learning and a desire to screw with the status quo. Here, five secrets of the great 'uneducated.'"

No, Smartphones are not Destroying an Entire Generation

Sarah Rose Cavanagh Ph.D. at Psychology Today writes a rebuttal to the proliferation of articles out there blaming smartphones and social media for all the woes of modern day adolescents.

It’s Time to Tell Your Kids It Doesn’t Matter Where They Go To College

"So if you want your kids to succeed in life, don’t perpetuate a fear-based understanding of success. Start with the assumption that your children want their lives to work."

"Children are much more energized when they envision a future that is in line with their own values than when they dutifully do whatever they believe they have to do to live up to their parents’ or teachers’ or college admissions boards' expectations. "

Is your kid a hitter, kicker, or biter? Read this.

Ten tips on how to get through this phase in the most loving way.

Until next time - happy unschooling! 

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