Overcoming Your Fears

Overcoming Fears PDF

Would it help you to read along? This PDF will help you see the questions posed on the podcast. You'll still need to grab your own notebook and write down YOUR specific answers to the questions - but that's how you're going to conquer this!

Workbooks and PDFs like this are created and available in my membership group group! New ones all the time. If you need help, join us! You really don't have to do this all alone!

How DO You Overcome Your Fear About Unschooling?

Over the years, I've seen parents with a variety of fears. But they do seem to land in one of these four categories:

• Fears about Dealing with Others
• Fears about Yourself
• Fears about Your Child
• Your Own Situational Fears

Fear holds us back from the Life we could be enjoying!

Sometimes our fears stem from a lack of knowledge. So once we educate ourselves on these topics, the fear can dissipate. It may have been way off base - but how would you know if you hadn't explored it more?

That's the problem with fear.
We may wring our hands and feel panicky, but that doesn't really solve anything.

As humans, we want to avoid discomfort. We'll sometimes go to great lengths to avoid what's bothering or frightening us. We push it out of our minds, or try to stay superficial with it... only to have it pop up another time in some other scenario in our life.

The only way to conquer a fear is to shine the flashlight ON the it. Break it apart. See what's rational and what isn't. See what's within our power to change and what isn't.
When we work through these details, we can finally come out on the other side.

Tackle Your Fears about Unschooling: