Considering Unschooling

Are You Considering Unschooling but Still Unsure?

You're not alone.

People who consider unschooling come from three different "parenting camps."

  1. Schools aren't working for them and they simply have to find an alternative.
  2. They're attachment parents whose kids are getting older - and they realize school won't be a good option for their child.
  3. They've been homeschooling but it's not going the way they thought it would. They've maybe heard of unschooling, but need to get clear information on what it is and what it isn't.

So Let's Get Started, ok?

Only you will know if unschooling is right for your family. You have a lot of factors to weigh out. But we can help you figure out fact from fiction - because there's certainly a LOT of misinformation out there about unschooling! And we can help you with some steps to get started, should you choose this path.

Leaving the School System

If you've had your kids in school and it's not measuring up, unschooling might be an option for you. Maybe they're struggling, or bullied, or bored. And something about unschooling resonates with you. Unschooling can bring a peacefulnessto your home and the joy of learning can return. It's often a scary idea - to leave the schools, the experts, the familiarity all behind. But thousands around the world have done just that. You can too.

Dear Suburban Mom
Don't Do It

Attachment Parenting Continuation

Attachment Parents might notice that some of their fellow baby-wearing, breast-feeding, family bed mamas are adjusting their courses once their kids hit school age. Sure, some vanished when various preschools had openings, but once the wheels on the bus roll into your neighborhood, this feels like you're going to need some more support. Let's work on that foundation!

Building an Unschooling Nest

Homeschooling Isn't Working Out

You're feeling burnt out. You know you don't want your kids to go to school, but you can't seem to keep up with what everyone seems to expect. Are they lying? Can normal people really do this??
You may have all kinds of misconceptions about unschooling. It's not unusual for it to even be a little vilified in some circles.
We're glad you're open to hearing how it could actually work!

The Curriculum Crutch
Getting Started with Unschooling


What you need is information.

And confidence.

And answers to a lot of your questions.

What's Wrong with Schools Anyway?

Sometimes people need reminders. We have a collection of articles and videos to help you remember why schools are really not the best place for children.

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We have so much self-doubt! You're not alone! I have 10 lessons for you to UNLEARN - it's keeping you from having the life you want!

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My Top Ten Advantages to Unschooling

Experienced unschooler Deb Lewis looks back and shares her top ten advantages to unschooling AND addresses some of the most common myths people have about this educational philosophy.

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Unschooling Isn't Unparenting

Lots of misconceptions float around about unschooling. Let's put this one to rest!

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From Other Unschoolers out on the web...

Cherries in Winter

Gina Cassidy explains how many of the problems we see in schools are actually part of the design. She also subtitles this piece, Monocropping People for an Industrialized World.

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These Myths May Be Holding You Back from Unschooling Your Children – Here’s Why They Shouldn’t

Akilah Richards breaks apart some of the most pervasive myths about unschooling - that parents are lazy and that the children are left to run wild.

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Exploring Unschooling Video

Three well-known unschooling advocates talk about unschooling with Lainie Liberti. Her show, For the Love of Learning , is an awesome resource too.

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