Unschooling mom2mom - Early Childhood

As educators push to start academics earlier and earlier, parents are resisting. 

Younger children do NOT need earlier intervention. 

To learn and grow, younger children need parents to create a stimulating environment full of various sights, sounds and textures. 
Play WITH your children. Encourage more joyful exploration. And learning will happen...it has been happening all along!

If you're looking for an unschooling approach to learning, or non-punitive parenting suggestions in your pre-school age children - this is the place for you!

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And, periodically, we are going to dive deeply into one topic at a time for an entire week. That week, we will only post questions that relate to the Theme of the Week.  
​Here's the first:

3 New Ideas at Unschooling Mom2mom

Anyone on our Facebook page knows that Unschooling Mom2Mom has had record growth over the past few months.
In June 2016 - before we were even 2 years old - we hit 10,000 members.
And then, Facebook made some little promo adjustment, and our membership numbers skyrocketed!
As of the last week of October 2016, we have 14,500+ members.
And while that's incredibly exciting that so many people are curious about unschooling, it's somewhat of a logistical nightmare to many so many questions!

We racked our brains until we finally came up with a plan. I know you're ready to hear about it now! 

Unschooling Mom2Mom is going to focus the large group a little more AND create 2 spinoff groups.

Here's the plan:

Unschooling Mom 2 Mom

Your Children.      Their Learning.      Your relationship with them.      Things that really matter.

The Main Group - Unschooling Mom2Mom

 Types of questions & Theme Weeks - About Learning

Unschooling Mom2Mom, our 14K+ Facebook group, is going to focus on how unschooling works as it pertains to academics and learning in school age children. We will ask members to move any questions that have to do with parenting or children that are under school age to the two spin-off groups. 

How DO kids learn math without worksheets?

How can a child learn to read without curricula?

How do they learn if they seem unmotivated?
What about teenagers?

Unschooling Mom2Mom - Parenting

This new group is for those interested in extending unschooling principles into their parenting. 

Conventional mainstream parenting advice is everywhere! If you're interested in moving past that into a non-punitive relationship-based parenting style - you'll love Unschooling Mom2Mom - Parenting!! Experienced radical unschoolers can help you figure out how to actually apply the unschooling philosophy to your parenting practices.

These are the common topics that give parents trouble. Of course, all parenting questions are welcome in this group.

  • TV

  • Videogames

  • Chores

  • Food

  • Bedtime

  • Hygiene

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