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Facebook Page for Parents of Teens

What about College?| Pam Laricchia

Pam discusses college and options from an unschooling perspective.

Teens Reap What Their Parents Sow | Pam Laricchia

Examining the role of parents and how that impacts the lives of unschooled teens

Book Review of Homeschooled Teens | Pam Laricchia

​Pam found Sue Patterson's book to be an engrossing look into the minds and hearts of the “unconventionally educated,” and a great addition to the unschooling-related books available.

A Survey of Grown Unschoolers | Peter Gray

Dr. Gray published a series of articles in Psychology Today revealing  his research findings about grown unschoolers.

Article Collection | Life Learning Magazine 

Wendy Priesnitz has a section on this page with all of their online articles about unschooling/homeschooling teen years. Scroll about halfway down. 

Unschooling and Trust in the Adolescent Years: Teen Rebellion Revisited | Idsie Desmarais

Idsie is a grown unschooler who writes about her experiences

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Typical Day as an Unschooling Teen in High school | Eli Gerzen

Eli shares shares a day in the life of an "unschooled high schooler."

Unschooling Teenagers | Kimberly Slage 

 The confinement of an institution is not learning, it is schooling and does not cater to the needs of a teen, but to the requirements of a system. Unschooling with your teen can be fun, rewarding and stress free!

6 Shocking Facts About Homeschooling Your Teen | Sue Patterson

Find out how much EASIER your lives can be once you know these facts.

Understanding Your Teen's Behavior | Sue Patterson

Understanding what's going on with your teen's still-developing brain will help you see why they make some of the choices they do. In this blogpost, 6 helpful articles have been identified that are sure to give parents more clarity.

Learning From the Teens | Sue Patterson

Sometimes it helps to hear from those a little further down the path. When teens and young adults were surveyed in Homeschooled Teens, they shared candidly about what their lives were like during the teenage years. Instead of seeing their family's educational choice as putting them at any disadvantage, they found the opposite to be true. Their list of advantages because of their educational path fell into six categories… 

Six Steps to Parenting Teens & Young Adults | Sue Patterson

The internet is full of tips for parenting younger children. Either they expect that you've figured it all out by the time they're teens, or you've just put up the white flag of surrender.  But how you deal with teens and young adults and the situations they present will make all the difference in how your relationship is going to be.

Teens and Sleep | Sue Patterson

Do you know about the physiological reasons teens want to sleep more? Let's look closer at the idea of practicing this structured daytime schedule

Are You Listening To Me? | Sue Patterson

Unschoolers spend lots of time together – and for the most part, it’s an exciting fun adventure! Yet sometimes, even the best unschooling mom can get tired or distracted.  

"I'm Not Your Friend, I'm Your Mother!" | Sue Patterson

If we really look at the advice people have shared through generations, we might discover that much of it isn’t even applicable. For instance, we’ve all heard this battle cry. But what does that really mean? Is it impossible to be both? Do we really want both?   

Unschooled Teens

zero Tuition College | Blake Boles

An “online community of self-directed learners who educate themselves without college.” 

Colleges That Accept Homeschoolers

Karl Bundy | Learn in Freedom

Karl has been following colleges for decades and has been the GoTo resource to find out how homeschool-friendly different colleges and universities are.

Unschooling Teenagers

John Holt GWS Collection

Huge resource with links for books, info about apprenticeships, gap year programs, colleges, and more.