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Sue Patterson is the owner of this site, as well as the group owner for Unschooling Mom2Mom on Facebook. The Facebook group has grown to over 14,000 members! That's a lot of people interested in unschooling asking questions and getting solid answers. See the links above.

 More about the UM2M discussion group:

We have collected a lot of veteran and experienced unschoolers to help with answering people’s questions – each offering a little different perspective, a little different way of writing, bringing different experiences to the table for us all to hear about. How cool is that?

The “Mom2Mom” title was chosen deliberately. We realize that the mom that comes in here is struggling and looking for answers. We have been there. We know what it’s like to be willing to be vulnerable, so you can find something better for your children. We will do whatever we can to walk alongside that mom, offering insight and experience that might help them move toward embracing unschooling a little more.

Ideas vs. people 
 Mom2Mom is very much about that particular mom asking the question. Just as we would do with someone sitting across from us – or in some of our cases, our own grown children – we offer as much info as it appears that person is willing to accept. The original poster may use language that we, from experience, might know will be problematic for them later down the road. But we can see that *that* might not be what they’re willing to look at. We’re trying to focus what could make it better for that person and her child. Not try to make her look at more ideas than she is ready to handle.Other groups do WONDERFUL jobs of dissecting ideas that are presented, and then thousands of people watching learn and grow. But that doesn’t work for everyone and isn’t what we’re doing here. We are nudging.

The Number Line/Continuum Idea… If you think of a number line or a continuum, people come in here at various points. We are talking with them with the goal of moving them further down the line into an unschooling environment. Not further than they are ready though. You usually do’t stay where you initially land on this continuum. As you learn more or watch others, your position is kind of fluid. It depends on so many individual factors. Your own “baggage” (said lovingly because we all have some,) will determine how much you can embrace. That’s why questions will be so important – where are you stuck? There is no Finish Line. No Graduation.  No goal to turn you into me, or anyone else here.

Radical unschooling vs. unschooling – We hear these terms a lot. For those that don’t know, “unschooling” is simply a method of home education that does not use the trappings of school (tests, curricula, divided subjects, top-down teacher:student format.) “Radical unschooling” is when families have taken the principles they embraced about learning and apply it to parenting (chores, food choices, parent:child interactions, etc.) All of the moderators here happen to have applied their unschooling knowledge to their parenting – certainly beyond their child’s academic pursuits. This puts them (and lots of others here willing to share their time) in a unique position to help families no matter where they are on the path.

Are we deliberately trying to turn everyone into a Radical Unschooler? No. And we have no crystal ball to say that it won’t happen either. We want to help people get more comfortable with unschooling their child. How much they embrace of this philosophy, is and always has been, completely up to them. When I think of a child who is miserable – whether they’re in a school or in a power struggle with their mom over some aspect of their curriculum, I think unschooling would help. I want parents to hear what is being said in Unschooling Mom2Mom and see how unschooling could make things better.

What Unschooling Mom2Mom is not:

  •  Not a support group to share your favorite kitty graphics or ask about colors to paint a bathroom. You might meet people here to “friend” and do that with, but it’s not that kind of support group. The topic needs to stay about putting more unschooling into your life.
  • Not a place to attack anyone’s ideas, even if we think they’re missing the mark. We might ask if they’ve looked at something, since they mentioned it. But we won’t belabor the point if they’re trying to focus on some other part they want help with.
  • Not a place that we will tell you “You’re a good mom!” “unschooling means anything you want it to mean,” or what you’re doing is fine. We expect that you are here because you want to be nudged a little further in the unschooling direction. We want you to try to open up to new ideas. And we know that can be super hard to do. Especially with everyone watching. But it can be done! Everyone has to remove their ego and try to listen to each other.

So ask away! Let’s create a wonderful group that can help our families love learning in a way that you might not have considered before.

          UM2M Facebook Group description

Thinking about unschooling and how it could work for your family?

Just starting out?

Or maybe you’ve been unschooling, something shifted and now you feel stuck.

Veteran and experienced unschooling moms are here to help you figure it all out!

Most of us were conditioned to think that “learning” has to look like school. But unschoolers have discovered differently.

We consider unschooling to be no tests, no grades, no curriculum, no assignments, no required academic work. Parents are resource-finders, tour guides, role models, facilitators, partners, friends.

It also helps if you’re creative, positive, fun-loving, and are generally curious and excited about life!

Some families have carried the unschooling principles beyond education and are applying them to other aspects of parenting. Some do, some don’t.

Here in UM2M, we might try to gently nudge you into seeing that learning is everywhere but everyone is encouraged to speak respectfully and be gentle with each other. Social media offers people the option to connect and learn from people all over the world – but it also gives people a place to hide while launching a flame war. That won’t be tolerated here at Unschooling Mom2Mom.

So ask your questions, and, if your family unschools and you would like to share your own observations and experiences, jump on in!

A little about Unschooling Mom2Mom

The group was created at the end of July and the doors opened on August 1, 2014.  We were noticing an increase in basic questions about unschooling. Since it was nearly time for school to start, many moms were struggling (and lots of kids were panicking) about the prospect of returning to school.  Many experienced and veteran unschooling moms were spending a lot of time talking to moms with tears in their eyes who simply didn't know what to do.

That’s when it hit us. We needed a Facebook page for people to learn to let go of their schoolish ways of thinking about learning and ask some very basic questions about how children can learn through unschooling. Moms (and a few dads) needed reassurance and a little hand-holding. For some, unschooling is a completely unfamiliar idea. Looking at learning from this perspective can mean examining our world and seeing ideas we’ve just adopted without really thinking. Families can begin to apply these unschooling concepts.

We also realized that a lot of families who are already embracing *some* of the unschooling philosophy were getting stuck.  Either something had shifted in their families – because that’s how Life works – or they just had lost the enthusiasm.  They needed help getting their mojo back!

We decided to see if other experienced and veteran unschooling moms would be willing to hang out on that Facebook group and create a safe spot for these new people. Turns out, quite a few were happy to do it.

By the end of 2014, over 4000 people joined the UM2M group. Questions come up every day and unschooling moms try to meet that worried mom exactly where she is. The goal is not to educate everyone about unschooling (although that is happening) but instead, we're simply trying to be sure that questions about unschooling get good thoughtful answers… mom to mom.


If you want less posting...

The Unschooling Mom2Mom Page exists for occasional inspiration, resources and links to articles and blogs that will be helpful to unschooling families. 


If you like big group discussions with lots of input... 
We created the Unschooling Mom2Mom Facebook group where parents can come ask their unschooling questions and get good answers from veteran and experienced unschooling moms. 

Now with over 14,000 members!!!!

We are here to help you!

Learning doesn't have to look like school -

we can show you how to make it so much better than that!