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How Learning Happens

Sylvia Woodman | Homeschooler Post

"We live our life, have fun, try new things, talk about them. Mostly, the learning happens almost “under the radar” – people talking, laughing, doing stuff, watching things, tasting things, and making connections that make sense to them."

What's Behind a Typical Unschooling Day?

Pam Laricchia

"Yet there is a basic motif that underscores our actions with our children, even when those actions vary widely: Being Available, Willing, and Supportive. Being available to talk, willing to help, and supportive of their goals. Not just with words, but with our actions."

What'S  a "Typical Unschooling Day" like?

…Or Is That Possible?

Many times new unschoolers or homeschoolers who are considering unschooling want someone to describe a typical unschooling day.  We can share tons of examples, but by no means are any of them "typical."

Unschooling, by it's very nature is unique to each family and even unique to each child in the family. 

Sometimes people suggest that an unschooling day is like a day in the summer - filled with potential for daydreams, explorations, and discovery. A joyful quality seems to exist for families who are successful with unschooling. They are curious about all kinds of things that cross their paths on a daily basis - and this might be one of the biggest reasons that it's hard to produce a "typical day" on demand.

Life is full of exciting adventures - some large and some small.

Another component in the day in the lives of unschoolers is the parents' involvement. Unschooling parents are tuned into their kids so they're aware of what kinds of opportunities might be of interest. They enjoy the role of tour guide, resource finder, and companions to their children.  
​Learning couldn't be avoided if they tried! 

Unschool/Homeschool Bloggers

This is a Facebook group for homeschooling and unschooling bloggers..  If you have a blog and would like so share what your days are like or if you simply enjoy reading blogposts from fellow homeschoolers and unschoolers, you're welcome to join the group! This is a great place to see snapshots of various unschooler's days. 

Typical Day… or Typical Moments

Sandra Dodd

Sandra Dodd has a collection of stories from unschoolers sharing what their typical day is like.