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Can  Unschooling  Work  for  Single Moms
or  if  Both  Parents  Work

 There's no denying, obstacles exist in these situations that don't exist elsewhere. But it can be done.
​Parents simply have to get creative on how they will overcome their own unique obstacles.

A few simple factors need to be examined:

  • How old are the children?
  • How independent are the children?
  • Do you have others who will help you?
  • Can your work schedule be flexible?
  • Can you and your spouse alternate times away from home

Unschooling requires that the parent be involved with the children. This can happen in evenings or whatever time of day the parent isn't at work. Traditional hours no longer apply.

Some additional suggestions From
Unschooling Mom2Mom FB Group:

  • Getting organized so they have fun things to explore on their own while you're away
  • Make arrangements with other families to let your child tag along on local activities (be sure to reciprocate in some way)
  • See if relatives would be interested in helping or “taking a day.”
  • Would friends or relatives be interested in sharing a hobby with your child?
  • Be sure there are plenty of snacks and easy meals available
  • Make time for regular contact throughout the day, (text, call, skype, FaceTime)
  • Re-examine the finances, could one of you cut back your hours?
  • Could you work from home?
  • Read more at Unschooling on Limited Budget

We can't give you answers.
We can only share how others have managed
​and help you see the questions you might need to address.