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Your Children.      Their Learning.      Your relationship with them.      Things that really matter.

These things really happen.
No one wants to dwell on it,

because they say that the majority of schools are not like this.
​But for these families, this is their reality. 

No Pay, No Play! Poor Kids Banned from School Carnival

Susan Edelman | May 24, 2015

Teachers Abuse Special Needs Students

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A Teacher's Story: Why I'm Leaving Public Education

New Braunfels Mother Speaks Out About Son Being Put in a "Safe Room"

Kens 5 - San Antonio

The Focus Room Horror

Seems like everyone from John Oliver to Diane Ravitch is talking about Common Core and the problems with standardized testing, so we thought we'd share this excerpt from the film for those who haven't seen it yet.

Posted by Class Dismissed on Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Destructive Things School Taught You Without You Even Realizing 

Mark Manson | June 3, 2015

Factory Model Schools


10 Things Wrong with What Kids Learn In Schools

By Valerie Strauss  | April 2, 2014 

Has School Changed?

Sara/Happiness is Here | October 11, 2o16

Is Trump's Victory the Jumpstart civics education needed?


Early Academic Training Produces long term harm

Peter Gray | Psychology TOday

How Early Academic training retards Intellectual Development

Peter Gray | Psychology Today

A Thousand Rivers

Carol Black |  Schooling the World

Is the American School System Damaging Our Kids?

Peter Gray | Reader's Digest

Sometimes we feel a little awkward about doing something that such a small percentage of other people are doing. It can make us glamorize some of the experiences we may have had in school, or at least tell ourselves, "It wasn't that bad." But look through a few of these articles. Watch the videos. Remind yourself of the reality.

And before everyone goes nuts saying this is a terrible school-bashing page, I didn't make this stuff up! This is a reality check for many people. Sure, some people are perfectly fine with their school scenario - awesome. And there are TONS of websites to support that line of thinking. Most teachers DO try hard. But for those who don't - what about the kids exposed to them? Personally, I can only remember one or two good teachers. And knowing how long I was in school, that's not enough to tip the scales. And it's one of the reasons we chose to leave the school system. 

What's Wrong with Schools Anyway? LOTS!

“…the idea of special learning places where nothing but learning happens no longer seems to me to make any sense at all. The proper place and best place for children to learn whatever they need or want to know is the place where until very recently almost all children learned it–in the world itself, in the mainstream of adult life.”

“We made a terrible mistake when (with the best of intentions) we separated children from adults and learning from the rest of life, and one of our most urgent tasks is to take down the barriers we have put between them and let them come back together.” – John Holt

What's Wrong with Schools, Anyway?