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Sue Patterson |

Unschooling is not Unparenting  |  "I'm Not Your Friend, I'm Your MOther."  | Lean Into the Love 

Parenting Teens: A Hands On Approach

Radical Unschooling

Pam Sorooshian |  Learning happens

Resentful Unschooling Parents   |  Training is Tricky  | Two Things About Unschooling  |

 Radical Unschooling   |   Support vs Coercion


Pam Laricchia | Living Joyfully

Pam has a collection of blogposts, podcasts, and conference audios on the topic of parenting, Including:

​The Unschooling Family: Considering Everyone's Needs |​  Learn to Say No or You'll Spoil Your ChiLD  |

When You and Your Child See Things Differently

Unschooling and Parenting Topics

Joyce has been collecting little stories from unschooling families for decades now. She has 6 categories:

Essentials  |  Living Values While Guiding Children | Nurturing Decision Making   | In Practice  

​  Nurturing Helpfulness  |  All the Parenting Questions

TV and VideoGames

What About TV/Videogames?

UM2M Collection of Articles, videos, podcasts on the topic.

Television, Really? Won't that ruin kids' brains?

Pam Sorooshian | Learning Happens



Pam Sorooshian | Learning Happens

THinking about Mandatory Chores

Meredith Novak | In Our Own Time, In Our Own Way

Nurturing HelpFulness

Joyce Fetteroll | Joyfully ReJoycing

Chores and an Unschooling Childhood

Pam Laricchia | Living Joyfully

The Case Against Chore Charts

Bridget McNamara | Family Optimized

HOusework Tips 

Joyce Fetteroll | Joyfully ReJoycing

​Miscellaneous AND helpful

How do You teach Respect? | Meredith Novak

Applying Unschooling Principles to Parenting

Many families discover that unschooling works so well with their children's education, they begin to use the principles in parenting too. 

Sometimes these approaches are called:

  • Non-punitive

  • Relationship-based

  • Non-Authoritarian

  • Radical Unschooling

Extra Help for Parents

Often you'll hear parents struggle in one of these areas. We've collected some articles that will help you

  • TV & Videogames
  • Chores
  • Food choices
  • Bedtime
  • Hygiene
  • Behavior “issues”

So let's dive in...

Unschooling Mom 2 Mom

Your Children.      Their Learning.      Your relationship with them.      Things that really matter.

Recommended Reading:

Parent/Teen Breakthrough: The Relationship Approach

Mira Kirshenbaum

Siblings Without Rivalry

Hold Onto Your Child

Gordon Neufeld

Parenting a Free Child

Rue Kream

The Conscious Parent

Shefali Tsabary

Unconditional Parenting 

Alfie Kohn

Attachment Parenting:
       Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child

Playful Parenting

Lawrence Cohen

Everyday Blessings:
​         The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting