Getting connected with local unschoolers can help in so many ways! 

  • Meet other families on a similar homeschooling/parenting path
  • Make friends for your kids - plan outings around shared interests
  • Find out how local unschoolers interpret the law (homeschooling laws vary by state)
  • Learn about local community resources

Over at Unschooling Mom2Mom (our own Facebook group) we collected our favorite unschooling Facebook groups.  Our goal is to try to help you find unschooling groups a little closer to home. 
We've included cities, regions, states, countries, and even a Spanish-only international unschooling group.  If you know of others, fill out the short form at the bottom of this page. Thanks! 

Also FYI... since many of these are smaller groups, they may have questionnaires or in-person get-together requirements before you're allowed into the group.
​This doesn't usually happen with the statewide groups, more so with the local citywide groups. 

by region, state, & country

Unschooling Groups on Facebook

Know a Group That Isn't listed? 
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