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Unschooling With Special Needs
Over 1600 members share personal experiences that can help you with a variety of different special needs issues.

Homeschool/Unschool Bloggers
​Are you an unschooler with a blog? Or do you simply enjoy reading other unschoolers and homeschoolers' blog? This group has a steady stream of new blogposts daily.

not necessarily unschooling,
but some unschoolers have found them useful:

Grown Unschooler Opportunity Network

For unschoolers (age 18 to 20-something) to find new work, volunteering, travel, and other exciting opportunities.

Radical Unschooling Info
Sandra Dodd's group examines ideas as they relate to Radical Unschooling.

Creative Unschooling Kids
Unschooled kids share their creations with the world (drawings, youtube videos, crafts, blogs, poems, etc.)

Unschoolers with IPads 
Unschoolers using their iPads for fun and learning share cool ways to use the device.

Unschoolers: Interested and Interesting
Unschoolers find and share the most amazing links in this group.

Unschooling/Homeschooling Your Teens
​Articles and resources that are pertinent to families with unschooled teens are linked here. 

My Unschooler Is Interested In…
If you're looking for more resources on a particular topic, this is the group for you!